The sales for my business healing program Rise have not gone through the roof (yet). 

Which could feel awkward, given that the September 2017 topic is sales 😉

But it doesn’t feel awkward and I don’t mind sharing this with you at all.


I don’t see anything as a failure, but simply look at my results to see where I can learn, grow, and course-correct to get more of what I want.

My outer circumstances are a direct reflection of my own thoughts, vibration and actions.


So when I want to create different results, I explore what’s going on inside me FIRST, before I take any more actions.

(Taking more action is pretty much useless if you’re not fully aligned to your intentions yet.)


Here is some of what I’ve explored and learned– and what YOU can learn from that, too: 

When I started with Rise at the beginning of this year, it was my intention to have 100 people in it in December.

Right now, with one more quarter to go, I have around 25 people in it.


Not bad at all, and I’m very happy with and grateful for each of the wonderful women in the program!

Still, the program doesn’t sell as easily as some of my other offers.

Like my 1-1 coaching, that practically sells itself. All I have to do to be fully booked, is to mention I have an opening every once in a while, and BAM, all spots are sold out.

Or my brand-new Soul Reading, Clearing & Realignment that’s coming soon – I’ve already sold readings before the sales page is ready, as a result of mentioning it on Facebook only once.


The big difference?

I wasn’t as aligned to my intention for Rise as I am for those other services, because of these two main reasons:


Reason #1: Insecurity.


When I started Rise, offering group healings felt pretty uncomfortable. I didn’t doubt my ability to deliver quality content.

After creating a shitload of content, I KNOW my content is GOOD.

But working with healing energy?

In groups?

That’s NOT something I completely owned and felt secure in yet.

On the contrary: it made me feel uncomfortable and uneasy.


And when you feel insecure about something you offer?

It’s harder to market it full on.


PLUS unconsciously, I also wanted the group to remain small:

It feels safer to deliver something that makes you feel uncomfortable to a small group, than to a big group of people.

(At least, that’s what it felt like to me.)


When you send out mixed signals, you get mixed results back.

When you want something AND don’t want it at the same time, your conflicting intentions pretty much rule each other out.

Regardless of how many actions or which actions you take.


Reason #2: Finding my footing in something totally new.


I’d never offered a business healing program before.

I’d never been in a business healing program before.


In fact, I’ve never seen anyone offer a business healing program before at all, period.

I’ve seen AND been in online healing programs.

I’ve seen AND been in tons of online business programs.

But a combination of the two?



I was pioneering and delivering at the same time.

Paving my path, finding my footing while working with paying clients already.

That made me feel uncomfortable, too.

Took up a lot of my energy.

My number one focus was to deliver good quality work to the clients that were in the program already.

My second focus was to find the best way to structure the program and deliver the content.


I can only focus on so many things at the same time.

And I simply didn’t have the bandwidth left to ALSO focus on the marketing.

So this too, resulted in less energy for and focus on my marketing.

AND finding my footing while delivering the program, contributed to my unconscious wish for the group to remain small, too.


It took me until pretty recently to feel at home in my own program, and to feel excited about AND comfortable with the idea of welcoming in more women into the group.

I’m only FULLY aligned to it now, so I’m curious to see how my results will reflect that over the next couple of months.


So how does this apply to your business and results?

What resonates with you so far?



Here are some nuggets for you:


  1. Don’t make yourself wrong for not getting the results you intended yet. And don’t look at it as a failure either. Your results are simply feedback that you can use to see what you can learn, adjust, let go of or do differently, to create more of what you want.


  1. Give yourself permission to start (AND already sell!) whatever program or service YOU feel called to offer next – even when you don’t feel 100% secure or comfortable about it yet. Does the idea excite you and tug at your heart? GO for it, and figure it all out along the way. There’s only so much you can figure out upfront. The REAL learning and creating happens in the DOING of it.


  1. Do you have a service or offering that doesn’t sell as well or as easy as you’d like? Explore where you might be out of alignment with it. What do you doubt, fear, or feel uncomfortable about? What doesn’t feel just right yet? Tweak and change EVERYTHING that needs tweaking and changing. Whether it’s your mindset, your actions, your thoughts, your pricing, your content, your audience, or whatever might feel slightly off to you.




I hope this article inspired you and taught you some things you can use in your business & sales!


And if you want to learn more about Soulful Sales, the energetic foundation to sell more so you can serve more?

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