Where I’d start if I wanted to make a sale today.

I’d turn inwards.

I’d ask myself:

Why do I want to make a sale today?

Why do I want to sell the things I create and the service I deliver?

Why do I even bother to create them anyway?

What & why does what I do matter to me AT ALL to begin with?


That’s where I’d start.

Because let’s face it:


If it’s ONLY about the sale, or the money, I could sell anything.

I could sell drugs. (Nice profit margin.)

I could sell some of my clothes. (Can’t wear them all at the same time anyway.)

I could sell my body. (The thought of it makes me puke, but hey, in theory? I COULD do it.)


If it was only about the money, I could have also stayed in my job.

It wasn’t exciting and I wasn’t free.

But there was a steady paycheck. I could pay for my food and my rent and go on vacation.

So why did I ditch the job?

Why do I do what I do?


THOSE are the questions to start with if you want to make a sale today, or any day.

This brings you back to your heart.

Your soul.

To that deep this-is-what-TRULY-matters-to-me-in-my-LIFE level.


Which is what it’s all about anyway.

At least, for ME at is.


I don’t know what it’s all about for you.

I don’t know why you started your business, or why you do the things you do.

I don’t know what kind of LIFE you choose to look back on.


Do YOU know what it’s all about for you?

Are you really clear on that?

And do you take the time to CONNECT to that feeling, to FEEL why all that selling and doing business matter to you to begin with?


Whether you do or you don’t: start there.

Start there if you want to make a sale today.

(And when you’re in business, wanting to make a sale today or any day is basically a given, right?  

Unless maybe when making 1 sale means you sold a project that requires you to work on it pretty much 24/7 over the next 3 years.

In that case you maybe don’t want to make another sale until September 2020. But other than that? Sales are welcome any day of the week.)


Start turning inwards you want to live a life worth living and build a business worth spending time on.


Otherwise you’ll get sucked into all the things that in the end, don’t matter at all:

Worrying if people will think you email too much.

Wondering if it’s best to send 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 emails about your brand-new workshop.

Trying to figure out if you should learn more about Facebook ads or if you might sell more on Instagram.

Doubting your work and yourself and if you’re really good enough and if your price is right and if your banner should be yellow or blue and if you maybe need a brand-new website first before you can make your business visible at all.


ALL strategies and ways to market your business WORK.

ANY website is better than no website.

ANY visibility is better than hiding out.

ANY kind of copy is better than not writing about your work AT ALL.


Whatever strategy, marketing or copy works for YOU?

Is NOT determined by the technicalities of it.

Is NOT determined by if you’re implementing it in the exact right way (according to what and whom anyway?).

Is NOT determined by whether or not you feel good enough, or ready enough.


Is NOT determined by whether or not it’s all perfect or not – whether YOU are perfect or not.

(Trust me: you’re not perfect. Neither am I.

Thank fuck for that.  

The beginning of perfection is the end of all creativity and joy.

And it’s the end of getting your work out there where it MATTERS: in the hands of the people who need what you’ve got.

Your work is worthless if it stays in your own mind.

Gifts not shared don’t make a difference to anyone at all – not to you, and not to the people who could benefit from your gifts.)


But when you know WHY you do what you do?

When you do the things that TRULY matter to YOU?

When you FEEL that love for what you do, and how you do it, and the excitement for it starts to ooze out of your skin, out of your room, out, out, out into the world and the oceans and the universe?

You no longer worry about any technicalities or strategies or if you’re good enough.

You just ACT.

You ACT upon whatever inspired idea comes up for you.


And THAT is what determines your results:

Those inspired actions, taken with love, with your soul’s energy pouring out of every inch of your skin.


If I wanted to make a sale today,

Or build a business worth spending time on,

Or live a LIFE worth living,

that’s where I’d start:

I’d turn inwards.


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Never thought I’d write an email like this one day.

Never thought the topic of sales would EVER inspire me.

I used to hate sales.

Sure. I wanted to make money.

But I hated marketing & sales.

I bet you can guess the result:

Not enough clients. Not enough sales. Not enough money.

And not enough freedom and fulfillment either – two of THE main things I get up out of bed every day to begin with!

So unwillingly, for the love of freedom and living my purpose and honoring myself and my gift enough to want to share it with the world, I started to learn about marketing and sales. 

And I got the hang of it.

No longer struggle with it.

And even – GASP – LIKE all of it today.

The biggest turnaround for me was NOT the knowledge I gained, though.

It helped, sure.

The biggest difference was the INNER SHIFT I made around sales.

And that’s what I help YOU with too, this month, September 2017, in RISE – my business healing program for women entrepreneurs.

This month’s topic is ALL about sales:

Soulful Sales – the energetic foundation to sell more so you can serve more.
(whether you sell a service, product, idea, message or anything else you wish to share from the heart.)

You get a masterclass that helps you shift your mindset.

And additional healings that help you attract more sales AND clear invisible blocks you have around sales.

This clears the path for you to take new actions AND create new results.

This topic is available until October 1 ONLY – ONLY ONE MORE WEEK!

You can read all about RISE here, and sign up if it speaks to you. 

(If you read this AFTER October 1, 2017?

Check out the new topic for the current month. That topic might speak to you even more :-))

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