This is a picture of one of the super powerful mind-tools I frequently use:



The idea is simple: to make a list of 100 things.

(I didn’t say it was easy! I said it was SIMPLE ;-))


The list in this picture was a list of 100 ideas I brainstormed to increase my sales last year.

Some ideas I came up with were the same ones I came up with a million times before.

(Like: giving a discount on one of my products for a limited time.)


Some ideas were weird.

(Like: launch a Surprise Program! People sign up for a paid program without knowing what they buy. Surprise!)


And some ideas were …. just a bit……unrealistic?

Although you never know what happens when you implement it, right?

(Like idea #42 which reads, and I quote: “do absolutely nothing. (haha).”)


I use this same 100-things-exercise in numerous different ways:

I brainstorm 100 titles for new programs.

I write down 100 reasons why it’s important to me to do something that scares me.

I come up with 100 ideas to launch or market new programs.


Making these lists of 100 things works, ALWAYS.

The first couple of ideas you come up with, are usually the same type of ideas you pretty much always have.

Sometimes the perfect idea is already amongst those initial ideas.

But often it’s not.


When you force yourself to come up with 100 ideas, this is what happens:

You start with the ideas you already had.

Then, you start coming up with variations on those.

Soon after that, you start repeating yourself.


By that time, you probably only came up with about 30 or 40 ideas.

And you still have 60 or 70 ideas to go!

So now, you start coming up with crazy ideas.

Variations on those crazy ideas.

And ideas that make no sense at all.


But then you STILL haven’t reached 100 things yet!

Your mind is DONE thinking now.

It just wants to get to the end of the list already.

So it gives up. It stops thinking. It surrenders.


THAT’S when the magic happens.

You stop censoring any ideas that come up.

You stop thinking about how realistic or weird or scary or doable an idea seems.

You have to get 100 ideas, so you simply write down ANYTHING that shows up.

And as a result, the BEST, most creative ideas can now come through.


This doesn’t mean that the perfect idea is always in the last batch you write down.

But it’s in there somewhere.

And often, you find you came up with great ideas you can use for other things, too!


Making lists of 100 things works to come up with ideas, OR to create an inner shift:

If you feel insecure, make a list of 100 successes you’ve created over the past 10 years.

If you doubt you’ll succeed at something, come up with 100 reasons why you will.

If you worry the price for your service is too high, make a list of a 100 benefits people get from working with you.



If 100 things is such a big stretch that it completely paralysis you, it’s OK to make a list of 50 things, too.

Try and make it to 100, though.

You’ll be surprised to see what you come up with!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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