Do you have a special notebook for ideas?

Do you scribble down your thoughts on post-it notes, or email them to yourself?

Bookmark articles you plan on reading one day?


I thought so.

You little information-&-ideas – hoarder –you 🙂

Let’s be clear:

There’s nothing wrong with this in itself.

I do ALL of this, too!




It’s only helpful when you DO something with those ideas & information next.

When you ACT UPON the inspiration that tugs at your heart.

And when you READ the articles you saved for later.


When you only collect more information and do nothing with it, it actually starts to work against you for a number of reasons:


Reason #1: Overwhelm.

When you mostly collect ideas & information and don’t IMPLEMENT it, it will at some point make you feel like you’re always behind.

You collected so much, you don’t even know what it all is now!

Sooner or later this will make you feel overwhelmed.


#2: It makes you feel bad about yourself.

Not doing what you told yourself you WOULD do, creates a lack of trust in yourself.

You can’t depend on you.

You have ideas, but you don’t use them.

You have the knowledge and insights, but you don’t implement them.

As your list of things-to-one-day-do-or-look-at grows, your self-esteem plummets.


#3: It contributes to an overall feeling of lack.

The only reason to hoard ideas, is because you fear you won’t get ideas the moment you need them.

The only reason to hoard information, is because you fear you won’t have access to the information you need the moment you need it.

If you trusted you’d ALWAYS have access to whatever you need the moment you need it, there’s no reason to hold on so tight to ANYTHING EVER.


Are you afraid that loving someone or something today will diminish the total amount of love you have to share in this lifetime?

Are you afraid that taking a breath now will diminish the amount of oxygen you’ll have available to you tomorrow?

Are you afraid that feeling good now will use up some of the total amount of well-being that you’re supposed to make do with in this life?

Probably not.


So why are you afraid that once an idea is implemented, you won’t get another one?

Why do you think inspiration is limited?

Why do you fear that you can only receive a handful of REALLY good ideas, and once these are used up, you’ll have to make do with crap ideas for the rest of your life?


There’s NO NEED to hoard ideas.

It does NOT serve you well.

Does this mean you can’t keep an idea journal, or bookmark articles so you can read them later?


Of course you can do that!


As long as you ALSO implement the ideas you get.

As long as you THROW AWAY the things you KNOW you’ll never use or that no longer resonate.


The reason you get an idea or insight NOW, is that you can USE IT NOW.

The reason an article triggers you NOW, is that there’s something in it for you NOW.

The reason you feel called and inspired to do something NOW, is because it serves you most NOW.


So why, given I believe all this, do I still have an ideas & inspiration notebook?

Because ideas, inspiration and insights flow to me almost 24/7:

While writing a blog, I get an idea for the next healing for RISE.

While I write a chapter for my book, I get an idea for my next ezine.

While I prepare a masterclass, I suddenly get a great idea on something delicious I can make out of the leftovers in my fridge.


If I don’t write these ideas down, I get frazzled, distracted, unfocused and completely disconnected from the very thing I started out doing.

When I take a couple of seconds to write it down, I keep my mind FREE and CLEAR to continue and finish what I was already in the middle of.

And then that same day, or at least that same WEEK, I implement the idea I wrote down.


Only a handful of ideas remain un-implemented:

The ones I no longer resonate with – and I throw these away.

And the ones I’m still not sure of what to do with – but they still resonate somehow.

These get copied into my new notebook.

And the old & now empty one goes in the paper-bin.

(See the pictures of my old & empty ideas-notebook below, and the new one I just started.)






This is how I keep my receiving & creation channels open.

And how I ALWAYS have access to ALL the inspiration, information and ideas I need, in the exact moment I need them.


Are you blocking your flow by holding on to too many ideas?

Go over your collection of inspiration & information.

Implement the things that ask to be implemented now.

(Or do them within one month maximum!)


Hold on to ONLY those ideas that still resonate, but you’re really not sure you what form it will take or how you most want to express it.

And throw out everything else.

If you feel you want to hold on to something, ask yourself why:

Is it because you genuinely know you will put it to good use one day?

Does it make you feel good and spacious?

Or are you holding onto it out of scarcity, lack and fear?

If so: what exactly do you fear?


Once you know why you’re holding on tight you can either hold onto it and feel GOOD about it, implement it now,

OR throw it out after all.

It may be a shitty chore to work through at first.

But pretty soon, it will bring you space and inner peace, you’ll see!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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