You know these seemingly little things that are actually a BIG energy drain?

Yeah. Working my way through clearing one of these energy leaks right now:

Cleaning up the closet in my hall.

A nice, big walk-in closet. That you can stuff with a TON of shit so you can no longer walk in it.


For a while now, the same thought entered my mind every time I opened the door:

“I should really clean all that shit up one day.”

Only to close the door and NOT do it next.

But you know how often I open that door on a daily basis?

That closet where I hang my coats, put my shoes, store my toilet paper, my umbrella, ALL my bags and a ton of other things I regularly use?

AT LEAST 5 times.

And EVERY time, the mess annoys me and drains a little bit of energy from me.


Seemingly little things like this, that cost you a little bit of energy regularly, aren’t little things at all.

They’re HUGE fucking energy drains.

And they eat away at ALL the other things you’re working on manifesting.

Yep. Everything in your life affects everything else.


So everything you KNOW you should deal with and then don’t deal with, has a negative effect on EVERYTHING else.

I KNOW this shit.

Which, of course, doesn’t mean I always act on it  🙂

But now, I’m fed up with my wussy attitude of going around something I don’t feel like.

Enough of that.


I KNOW how much energy & space it creates to just get over yourself and DO that fucking thing that’s been nagging for a while.

(Plus: it rains today. So that helps, too.)

This picture shows about one-third of the mess I took out of that closet until now. The rest follows next. Then: cleaning the shelves and floor:


And this one shows a quote I found in one of the binders I found in the back of the closet:


I put it in one of my newsletters over 3 years ago. Still LOVE that quote.


Putting it here to inspire you, and to sweeten the pill of what you KNOW I’m asking YOU next:

What chore, task or decision has been nagging at YOU for a while now?

What’s draining your energy, that’s negatively affecting EVERYTHING else in your life? (Yes, it is – whether you’re aware of it or not).

Go do it.

You may not feel like it.

But you’ll be SO happy you did it!

And you never know the kind of magic that can manifest in the space that opens up for you next……


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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