There’s really only ONE reason you’re not getting the results you say you want:

On one level or another, you’re not aligned to it.



But what exactly does that MEAN?

This is what it means to be aligned to your goal, dream, desire, intention – or whatever you prefer to call it:

Your desire + your actions + your thoughts + your feelings + who you truly are (at the level of your SOUL) blend together in perfect harmony.


If you’re not manifesting what you want, that means that something is off in one OR more of these areas.

Here’s what that looks like:


#1: Your desire.

What you SAY you want, is indeed the very thing you truly desire:

There is NO doubt in your mind that it’s what you want.

This is YOUR desire – NOT someone else’s dream for you.

This is the dream you have NOW – not something you once wanted that no longer excites you.

This is EXACTLY what you want – not some watered down, censored version of your deepest desire.



#2: Your actions.

Are you taking real actions in the real world that reflect the thing you say you want?

And no, visualizing, journaling, doing mindset work, healing, praying, chanting, or wishing for it to happen does NOT count.


YES, the inner work is where it all starts.

But it doesn’t end there!

New results come from:

A new & different state of BE-ing and a new & different way of DO-ing.


If one of these is missing?

Forget about manifesting it.

DO-ing without paying attention to your BE-ing leads to a lot of busyness without necessarily doing the right thing, at the right time, from the right energy.

BE-ing without DO-ing leads to a wildly exciting fantasy life – that doesn’t translate into any changes in your outer circumstances.


#3: Your thoughts.

Are most of your thoughts aimed at the things you WANT?

Or do you mainly think about everything you do NOT want?

Your thoughts determine how you feel. How you feel determines what you do and, most importantly, what kind of ENERGY you take your actions from.

And the ENERGY or intention behind your action determines what you will attract in return.


#4: Your feelings.

If you don’t feel good about something, DON’T DO IT before you explore what’s going on exactly.

When something doesn’t feel right, it’s either because it’s not the right thing to do; it’s not the right thing for YOU; or it’s not the right time to do it.

If you take the action anyway? It won’t get you the result you want OR it will cause you more stress & struggle.

If you avoid the action when in fact it’s best for you to take it right now? You won’t get the results you want, either.

(And in both cases, you won’t FEEL good about any of it.)



#5 Your soul.

If what you want is not aligned with who you TRULY are, at the level of your soul, it either won’t work out for you at all OR it won’t bring you much happiness and fulfillment.

Being true to who you REALLY are, and acting accordingly in EVERY area of your business & life, is THE path to abundance, fulfillment, joy and happiness.

If you’re not true to your soul, you either struggle and don’t manifest a whole lot of results at all.

OR you don’t feel happy about the way you manifest your results.

OR your results won’t bring you much happiness and fulfillment.


You can’t struggle or sacrifice your way to abundance. It’s IMPOSSIBLE.

Struggling, sacrificing, changing who you are or compromising on what you REALLY want comes from lack, and can therefore ONLY LEAD TO MORE LACK.


When these 5 areas are in perfect alignment with each other, you WILL sooner or later receive the things that are a perfect match to your soul.

If they’re not?

You won’t.


If you’re not currently getting the results you want, check these areas for yourself.

Be honest.

There is NOTHING wrong with you if you’re not aligned on all these levels.

It simply shows you what you can shift or change so that you WILL be able to manifest what you choose from now on.


Remember: you can totally do this!

You’re BORN to fully express who you truly are in every area of your life.

You can NOT fail at being YOU

Be true to you in EVERYTHING you do,


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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