Sales are important for your business.

Because when you don’t sell anything, you don’t make any money. And you don’t really have a business, either.

Unfortunately, sales is ALSO something many heart-centered women entrepreneurs struggle with.


These are 3 common blocks that often show up around sales:


#1 General issues with money.

If you have ANY issues with money, these get triggered every time you make an offer, too.

(Whether it’s in a 1-1 conversation, in a sales email, or anywhere else.)


If you worry about money and feel like you need it now, this feeling of neediness seeps into your sales, too:

You feel like you NEED this sale, or you NEED at least X people to sign up for your program, or else you’re in trouble.


This attachment to making the sale unfortunately leads to the exact opposite of what you want:

Your sales will PLUMMET.


First of all, because you come from an energy of neediness and lack.

And the energy you send out, is matched by the energy that gets back to you.

When you come from neediness and lack, what comes back to you is more neediness and lack.

And secondly, because people sense your desperation. Whether they consciously register it or not, they WILL somehow feel that you reaaallly want to make that sale.

That’s not attractive. On the contrary. Neediness and attachment is something that repels others, not attracts them.

It can also make them feel like they’re being pushed to buy. And people don’t like that either.


#2 General issues with your self-esteem, self-confidence, and the value of whatever it is you’re selling.

Am I good enough? Is my product / service / thingy I’m selling good enough?

Can I be absolutely certain I can deliver what I promised?

What if I can’t? What if people aren’t happy? Will they think it’s too expensive? Or too cheap?

These doubts make it hard for you to confidently promote what you have to offer.


And if YOU aren’t confident about what you’re selling?

Neither is your potential client.

And they won’t buy from you.


People expect YOU to confidently tell them how you can help them, and which product, program or service is exactly what they need.

They need to see and feel that you KNOW what you’re talking about. That’s what gives them the confidence to buy from you.


Would you go to a dentist who doubts her capacities and isn’t sure if she’s really qualified to fix your filling?

Would you open your mouth and let her drill away if she’s all “Oh my, I’m not sure, we can do this or maybe that, and I don’t know if this will really fix it, and maybe one of my colleagues might be better at this? I mean, I normally only give people advice on how to brush, I don’t know, what do you think?”

I wouldn’t let her anywhere near me.

And you wouldn’t either.

So if you’re not confident about what you sell or deliver?

It WILL negatively impact your sales for sure.


#3 A negative view on sales in general. 

Thinking that you can only sell using sleazy tactics.

Thinking sales involves putting pressure on people to buy.

Believing it’s unethical or you have to cut corners to make more sales.

Thinking that sales is something you do to people, almost like you’re harming them.

Beliefs like these make it harder to sell your stuff, too.


So where do you start if sales are an issue for you?

With your mindset:

What is it you resist, doubt, fear of believe that makes selling difficult for you?

What stories are you making up about it?

And what new stories or beliefs would serve you better now?


Shift the inner and the outer will follow.

Shift your mindset and your energy, and your results will change, too.

To feeling good about sales!


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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