Don’t jump into your day and immediately start taking actions on automatic pilot.

That way, put yourself in reactive mode from the start, instead of consciously creating the kind of day – the kind of LIFE – you choose to live.


Take a moment to be present.

To feel what’s going on inside you.

To tune into your desires for this day, this week, this month, your LIFE.

To tune into what TRULY matters to you, to how you choose to feel, who you choose to be, and what you choose to spend your energy and time on.

Yes, there will always be things on your to-do-list that simply have to be done.

And you ALWAYS get to choose HOW you show up for them.

I have a dentist appointment myself this afternoon, and let me assure you, that is NOT something I put on my schedule for the fun of it 

But I can CHOOSE how I show up for it.

I can CHOOSE how I relate to it.

I can DECIDE if I make a big deal out of it or not.

I can set an intention and tune in to how I CHOOSE to feel about it.

I can DECIDE what I focus on.

What I think about.

Which thoughts I nurture and expand on, and which thoughts I let go of.

I can tune into my dreams and desires, and DECIDE that THAT’S what I focus on. 

I can CHOOSE what I spend my time, thoughts, energy on focus on:

On what lights me up, what makes me happy, what feels good in every moment.

OR on what brings me down, makes me feel bad, and what I perceive as wrong in every moment.

I get to choose.

I get to decide. 

And so do YOU.

So take a moment to be present.

To tune into what you feel, what’s going on inside you, to what you desire, to what you truly want.

To tune into what’s right in this moment.

To tune into how you want to show up for your life, for this day, in this moment.

To decide that THAT’s where your focus will be on throughout this day.

It doesn’t have to take hours.

All it takes is one moment of presence at a time.

Even doing this for a minute makes a difference.

Happy Wednesday!

(or whatever day you’re reading this :-))


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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