Right now, you’re sitting on a mountain of untapped gold in your business.

(Or at least a small hill :-))


And I’m not talking about the things most others mean when they talk about the gold in your business:

The follow up.

Or picking the low hanging fruit.

Or the upsell, downsell, or cross sell.


I’m talking about untapped gold in YOU that, once you start mining it, not only grows YOU, but your business as well:



#1 The parts of your personality / who you are you don’t fully accept yet.


You are who you are for a reason. You, like every living being on this planet, has a soul purpose, a contribution to make to the greater whole.

And your ENTIRE being and personality is MADE for that.

EVERY part of you is made for that.


I struggled with the hermit-side of my personality, for example.

I didn’t understand how I could work with people and have a mission to work globally, when I hate to travel, and interaction with people wears me out very quickly.

Turns out, this hermit side of me is actually my biggest asset:

It taught me how to be Divinely Selfish – that I’m now writing a series of books about.

It taught me how to be true to ME, to not compromise, to not change who I am, but instead shape my business in a way that serves ME as well as others.

Which I now teach and inspire others to do as well.


What part of you do YOU think you can’t find a place in your business?

And how might it be YOUR biggest asset or gift?



#2 Your opinions, interests & wisdom you’re not sharing yet.


You have opinions on your work, your industry, what causes the problem your clients have, and what they need to solve it.

You have viewpoints that are different from others in your industry.

You look at things from perspectives that are new and refreshing for others. (Especially when you think everyone already knows this!)

You question things that others take for granted.

And you find answers in places no one thinks to look at.

Some of it you share, and some of it you hide.

Because it doesn’t feel safe to share, you’re scared of losing clients, or worry about being criticized.


But guess what: these are the exact things that draw your ideal potential clients to you!

They WANT to hear your view points and perspectives.

Sure, not everyone will agree with you, and that’s fine.

The same is true for the ‘safe’ opinions or ideas you DO share.


When you share your truths, you will attract the exact people who resonate with them.

Who resonate with YOU.

It will be easier for them to find you.

And you will stand out from the ocean of others in your field without even trying.


What are you not showing or sharing yet?

Stop hiding it.

You’ll feel liberated. Expanded. FREE!

And your business AND audience will thank you for it, too.


Everything you think you need to change about yourself if you want to grow your business, is EXACTLY what makes you different, unique and stand out. 

Sure, there can be some habits or patterns you might need to change.

But the parts of you that define you, that you were born with, that make you YOU?

Those are the EXACT things that the world needs more of, that your potential clients are looking for, and that YOU were born to share, do and BE.


So reflect on it, and notice where and when you hold back, hide, and don’t show your true colors. Or don’t show any colors at all, period.

And then…..wonder what it would be like to let it out.

To share it.

To stop suppressing it, and give it the space it desires & deserves.

Aaahhhhh…the freedom….

The relief….

And how great it would be for your business….


To being YOU, baby!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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