Are you always adjusting your plans? Spend more time making & tweaking them than actually following them?

Yeah. I hear you.


That’s what happens when I make plans, too:

I spend A LOT of time making them and feel temporarily satisfied because I did some Productive Work.

(See? Here’s a plan. On paper. It’s real. I’ve accomplished something today!).

And very soon, I find myself not sticking to my plan.

(Usually the very next day. Sometimes I managed to keep it up for a whole week.)

And then…..


I start tweaking the plan.

Because I fell behind, and now the time frame is all wrong, and it’s no longer possible to get everything done in the time I thought I could, or should, get it done.

Sometimes, that re-energized me:


NOW I feel good about it!

NOW I have a solid plan that works for me!


And then….

I find myself abandoning the plan again.

Because something else came up, inspiration took me in another direction, what I thought I wanted lost its appeal, or what felt so exciting at first now feels meh-ish and dried up.


The Plan is working against me now.

I feel guilty for not sticking to it, ashamed for not being able to follow it, and I worry that I will never get I want because if I can’t even manage to follow some stupid steps on some stupid plan, that’s never going to happen, will it?!

Besides, you NEED a plan, you MUST have a plan, you can’t just wing it in your business, can you?

Yes, maybe if you just dabble and don’t necessarily want to achieve something.

But if you have dreams? Desires? GOALS?

You simply must.


And so, I tweaked my goals again (because now that I didn’t follow the plan, my timeframe and deadlines for my goals no longer work either).

This process could go on, and on, and on.

And instead of my goals pulling me forward and my plans giving me direction, I felt cramped up, boxed in, out of flow and out of touch with my joy, my excitement, and my intuitive knowing of what truly needed to be done by me – and what I could truly let go of.


Setting goals and making business plans started working AGAINST me instead of SERVING me.

The only reason I didn’t let go of it sooner, was because I deep down believed that it’s just not possible to get or achieve what I want if I don’t set goals.

And I didn’t fully believe that I’d get anything done if I didn’t create a plan.


Because goals and plans give you Structure, and Discipline, and you need that if you want to be Serious about your Business and Dreams.


Until last year, when I finally decided to ditch making business plans.

And stopped setting goals completely as well.

And you know what?


I never felt better.

And my results have never been better AND were more fun to achieve since I stopped making plans & setting goals!

Completely following my flow has served me and my business incredibly well.


Chances are, YOU don’t thrive on making business plans and setting strict goals with deadlines either.

What most of my clients have in common is this.


And since you are still here, you very likely recognize this, too:

You’re intuitive. Creative. Sensitive. Purpose driven.

You absolutely want to achieve things in your business, create new things, and serve your clients.


But you don’t want to feel cramped up, boxed in, feeling like you have to Work and Hustle and Take Action all the time.

You long for more flow, more inner peace, and the magic that comes from connecting to your soul, to source, to your inner wisdom.


You’re just not sure HOW to do that. If it really works. And if it will work for YOU, too.

The answers are yes, it really works.

Yes, it can work for you, too.

And in this workshop I show you exactly how YOU can do this, too:

No Goals, No Plans, No Soul-Sucking Strategies – grow your business organically, intuitively, and 100% YOUR way.


This workshop is for you if you want to grow your business without suffocating your soul, working your ass off, or changing who you are.

In it, you learn EXACTLY how to follow your flow; what to focus on instead of goals or plans so you don’t lose sight of your deepest dreams; and how to avoid the common pitfalls that WILL show up once you start living & working completely according to your intuition.


And if you still feel like setting goals or making a plan, you’ll know how to do this in a way that feels good AND goes hand in hand with using your intuition & going with the flow.

You can read all about & sign up for the workshop here.

You get instant access to the entire workshop within minutes after completing your purchase.

Maybe I’ll ‘see’ you there later!


To flow and soul and being true to what works for YOU, baby,


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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