A couple of weeks ago, I noticed something strange:

On Saturdays and Sundays, I felt ab-so-lu-tel-y 100% free.

Free to do whatever I wanted to do, regardless of the time, regardless of whether it was something you might call ‘work’ or something else.


On weekdays, however, I did NOT always feel completely free.

If I wasn’t ‘productive’ enough (as if doing visible work is the only way to be productive), I sometimes had this nagging feeling that I really should DO more.

Very strange.


After all, when you have your own business you’re ALWAYS free to do whatever you feel like.

Sure, you have client appointments and other businessy stuff to do, but that’s what you WANT to do anyway, right?

(If not, you’re either compromising on who you love to work with, what you love doing most, and how you love to deliver your content. Or you’re not delegating enough yet.)


So how come I felt more free on weekends than I did on weekdays?

Because of some residue of old world beliefs about work and making money.

Most of us are completely brainwashed by the idea that work is what you do to make money – and if that’s fun, you’re lucky, but work is not what you do for fun: that’s what hobbies are for.

That work takes place on workdays.

And you rest & relax and do fun things on weekends and when you’re on holiday.


If you’ve ever been to school or had a job, you’re infected with this way of thinking, too.

I’ve been detoxing from those bullshit beliefs for years now.

And yet, I keep finding remnants of it.

Like now.


I dug up all lingering thoughts & beliefs on money & work and asked myself:

Do I still choose to believe this?

And the answer was 100% crystal clear:





Because it doesn’t serve me. And because I already KNOW that NONE of these old beliefs hold any truth for me anymore.

Here’s what I KNOW is true instead:

  • When you follow your flow, this automatically means that EVERYTHING gets done. Just like you don’t have to force yourself to eat, sleep, or drink something. Your body urges you to do that. As does your SOUL urge you to do the things that truly MATTER to you;


  • Everything has its own rhythm and its own divine timing. Just like flowers don’t only bloom on ‘workdays’, you don’t either. Workdays are a human invention, there’s nothing natural or logical about it anymore. Especially when you have your own business!


  • The more you follow your flow, the better you will feel; the better your results will be; and the better off both you and your business are.



I’ve been living in flow for pretty much 90% or so for the past couple of years.

But 90% is never enough for me 🙂


So here’s what I decided:

To live my ENTIRE life like it’s one big holiday, and to ALWAYS ONLY do whatever feels inspired.

To trust that everything that ‘needs’ to be done, WILL get done, in the exact right time, in the exact right way – all I have to do is get out of my own way & follow ALL of my inspired actions.

Whatever they are, whenever they show up.


And, if there’s something I ‘must’ do that I’d rather not do (going to the dentist, for example), to NOT RESIST it.

Because it’s always only your RESISTANCE that makes you feel bad.

Not the circumstance or action itself.


I decided to live my ENTIRE life like it’s one big vacation.

If that’s what feels most fun and alive for me, why would I NOT choose that?


What do you want YOUR life to feel like?

Choose that.

Decide you will manifest that, even if you don’t know HOW yet.

And follow any and all inspiration you get, whenever you get it.

To feeling good & living in flow!


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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