Recently, one of my favorite coaches offered a couple of spots for a 1-1 VIP half day with her.

I read it and forgot about it.

Until a couple of weeks later, when I realized there was something I’d like to work on with her.

I was certain all spots were sold out.

It was a special offer, a special price, and a very rare opportunity to work with her 1-1.


But I decided to email her anyway.

“I’m most likely waaayyyyy too late to book that final spot, yet I felt called to email you about it anyway.


If it’s gone, it’s gone, and if a spot is magically still available: I’m IN.”  I wrote.


She answered me the same day:

“I will magically make a spot for you 🙂 “


Ha! Good thing I asked.

I almost didn’t, because I assumed all spots were gone, so what’s the point?


This is the point:

You never know what’s possible.

You never know what’s available for you.

You never know what can happen if you just ASK.




I often asked for things even when it felt weird or scary to ask for it.


And often, I did NOT.

Because it felt too weird or scary.

Because I worried about what others would think of me when I did.

Or because it didn’t occur to me it was even possible to ask for it.

But the ONLY questions I regret, are the ones I did NOT ask.


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I still have to remind myself sometimes to ask for what I want.

For ALL that I want, and even for more than I need.


Asking for what I want has never been natural to me, due to messages like these I received when I grew up:

  • That it’s greedy to ask for more than you need;


  • That you can’t have it all;


  • That’s is impolite to ask (for) too much;


  • That you should be grateful for what you have or receive, and make do with that;


  • That children should be seen but not heard (so be quiet and don’t be a nuisance, which included not asking for something).


These and other messages make asking for EVERYTHING I want something I constantly have to remind myself of.

How about you?


Do YOU ask for EVERYTHING you want?

Or is it something you have to remind yourself of, too?


Ask more. Be open to receive. And don’t be attached to the answer you get:

It could be ‘yes’, it could be ‘no’ ……


………what you get might be a thousand times better than you could ever have imagined!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S. Asking and receiving is something most women can improve on.

That’s why in June, the topic in my business healing program RISE was:

Expand Your Capacity to Receive.

This topic included 3 powerful healings that help you:

  • Expand Your Capacity to Ask;
  • Give Freely to Yourself & Others, and
  • Fully Open Up & Surrender to Life.


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