The #1 thing that stops you from following your flow, is the biggest myth there is about it:

That once you go with the flow and follow the path your intuition lays out for you, everything is easy.

That from then on, it’s unicorns and roses and riding off into the sunset forever.


And when it feels hard, or scary, or raises questions, you think:

It must not be the flow then.

It must be the universe telling me that the stars aren’t aligned for me now.


Sometimes, yes, this is true.

Most times, however, it is NOT.


Just like roses have thorns and unicorns fart, following your flow isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

This is what going with the flow truly means:

To be present, FULLY present, in each moment.

To accept and be grateful for what IS and at the same time desiring to expand it, to create something new, or to change what you’ve already manifested.


To allow life to bring you what it has in store for you, without you trying to micro-manage and control the fuck out of it.

(I don’t want this! I want it like this! And I want it now! In this exact way!)

To trust EVERY inner calling you feel, and to follow it, to act upon it, no matter what.

To trust life to unfold in your highest good – regardless of what it may look like on the outside sometimes.


To be kind to yourself when you feel needy and attached, and to understand that all that’s happening is that an unseen, unloved part of you tries to be seen, tries to be loved – and to SEE that, to LOVE that, to SEE and LOVE yourself. 

To be patient when something seemingly takes a long time, to not worry about not knowing something, and to be open to receive everything – the good, the bad, the so-so and the magical.

To stop trying to control what’s out of your hands, and to take FULL control over everything you DO have full control over. (Which is always, and ONLY, your own thoughts, your own actions, your own perspectives, your own choices, your own feelings, your own desires.)


THAT’S what going with the flow TRULY means.

It has nothing to do with life being easy and pain free and super comfortable from now on.

So don’t think your fears are a sign to stop.

Don’t doubt your inspired action because it seems uncomfortable or weird.


Just keep following your inspiration, your intuition, and LET WHATEVER WANTS TO HAPPEN FOR YOU UNFOLD.

Get out of the way.

Enjoy life.

And LET magic happen.

It WILL, if you LET it.

To flow!


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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