You know how they say that every problem is an opportunity?

It most certainly CAN be.

IF you remember to think about that in the middle of the experience, of course.


And IF you know HOW to actually flip your perspective.

I was reminded of this when I was going through an old notebook just now.

One year ago, I sat at the very table I’m sitting at now, getting ready for my oh-so-much-loved moment of quiet contemplation, journaling & reflecting, when A LOT of noise outside my window interrupted this morning routine:

A bunch of workmen were building a scaffolding in front of my window.

They were gearing up for some much-needed painting & maintenance work on the building I live in.


Work that would take two months:

Two months of noise.

Directly outside my window.

From 7AM to 4PM.




My first response was feeling terrified.

My second response was feeling more terrified.


My mind slipped into a familiar train of old thoughts, beliefs & pains: 

Why am I not living in my dream home yet?!

What if my dream home doesn’t exist?

Or it’s outside of my reach? Or I get it and then I lose it again? Or I don’t feel safe there?

Why is there no place in the world for me where I can live and just BE in quiet?

Why is there no place for me in this world, period?


I felt worse with every thought, and I felt my energy drop at lightning speed.

And then…I snapped myself out of it.

(Literally: by snapping my fingers.)


Before I share the exact steps I took, let me address the thought you may have that goes something like this:

“Really, Brigitte, shut the fuck up – how is your noise issue ANY comparison to REAL world problems? Shut up about ‘problems’ if you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. My problems are realer than yours so kindly stick your steps up your arse, ‘kay?”

I know.

We’re not talking dying of famine or fleeing from a war zone or losing a loved one or something like that.

And I’m not telling you that all you have to do to shift out of YOUR problems is follow my steps and if you don’t or can’t, to just suck it up and stop whining already, either.


I’m simply showing you how you could potentially look differently at a situation you’re in.


That most situations or issues only feel as bad as the underlying stuff that gets triggered inside you.

That’s why one moment you can totally freak out over seemingly small, and the next you shrug your shoulders over something seemingly big.


That being said, here are the steps I took that you can take to shift your perspective, too:



Accept the situation as it is.

That doesn’t mean you have to like it.

It means you accept that it’s there. There’s no point in fighting what IS, because it IS.

This includes accepting that you find something totally unacceptable, or that you don’t know how to accept it.

Accept what IS, AND decide to change it.



Decide to make the best of it.

To open up to start seeing a solution or different perspective, even if right now, you don’t know how or if that’s even possible.



Commit to make the best of this.

To be curious about what the best might look like, and how that might unfold.


After you took those steps, you feel a shift and feel lighter already.

(If not: vent some more. There are still emotions wanting to be seen or let out. Let it. Until you feel it shifts. Allow yourself all the time you need for this. No rush, no pressure!)


And now you’re ready to ask yourself some questions to open up to new & unexpected possibilities:


  • What if you decided this was not a big deal?


  • What if this was the best thing that ever happened?


  • What could this help you heal?


  • What could this help you let go of?


  • What could this help you open up to?


  • What could you learn & stretch into?


  • What if this was a shortcut to a huge breakthrough?



Is there something in your life you see as difficult, problematic or hard?

Try taking these steps & asking these questions.

You never know what it might bring you!


To miracles & blessings in disguise,


© Brigitte van Tuijl



P.S. 1: What my own situation opened up for me last year?


A deeper healing and letting go of beliefs and thoughts that there’s no place for me in this world.

Practicing letting go and leaning into what IS, instead of constantly fighting and resisting it.

Practicing opening up to life more, to trust more, to have more faith.

Seeing how you truly CAN shift your emotions by changing your perspective & thoughts.

Seeing how I make a big deal out of things, and how I can make them small again, too.

Trusting more deeply that everything always works out if only you let it. 

Experiencing that all you really have to do to feel better, is to get out of your own way.

And much, much more.


P.S. 2: Yep, a lot of this is about leaning into life, opening up to life at a deeper level than ever before.

Being fully open to LIFE is the key to a more joyful life, more inner peace, AND to be able to receive more of whatever it is you want to get more of:

Joy, love, freedom, clients, money, inspiration…anything and everything, really.

That’s why in June 2017, the topic for my monthly business healing program RISE was: Expanding Your Capacity to Receive.

And why one of the healings I created for that topic was ‘Fully Open Up & Surrender to Life.”

A super powerful healing that truly heals & shifts something inside, as these responses several women posted in the Facebook group show:





You can read all about & join RISE here.

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