On top of this blog you see a picture of a card I received from a very dear friend recently.

I was happy to receive her card AND wondered what it was for.

Turns out, she remembered that this July 1, it was exactly 14 years ago that I started my business.

This is the FIRST year I completely forgot about it myself.

Normally, I look back and celebrate this day.


Because July 1, 2003 is one of the most important dates in my life:

The official starting date of my business.

On that day, I felt TRULY free – for the first time in my life.

I felt that I found a way to be ME in this world completely – for the first time in my life.

And I finally found the way to express myself, live my purpose AND make money with it – for the first time in my life.

There where a lot of highs in those 14 years.

And some deep, dark lows.

I learned more in those 14 years than in the 22 or so years I went to school and university (didn’t graduate but still learned something 😉

I took steps & leaps I NEVER thought I would or could take when I first started on that sunny first of July in 2003.

I learned I was more powerful than I thougth, more courageous than I knew, and that I DO finish things – I’m not a quitter and I shouldn’t push through and finish things, as I’ve been frequently told.

On the contrary: I have the wisdom to always exactly know what is RIGHT for me and what is WRONG for me.

And I have the courage to ALWAYS act upon that knowing.

Even if that means I have to quit something.
Even if I already invested tons of money or time in it.
Even if at one point I believed that this was exactly what I needed in my life.
Even if I have to let go of people that once meant the world to me.
And even if it means to let go of something that is (finally) working and successful, and to jump into yet another unknown without any guarantees if it will work out or not.

I made a success of my business when I was still working in The Netherlands only.

And I made a success of my global business after that.

I ALWAYS kept going, no matter how hard or painful or scary it was.

I ALWAYS got up after I fell.

I celebrated my successes, shrugged off my ‘failures’, and was always willing to take another risk, to make mistakes, to learn something new, and do something scary.

I faced my biggest fears.

I transformed and healed my deepest pains.

And I will CONTINUE to do ALL of that, if and when needed.

I will continue to expand my reach and grow my business.

And I will continue amaze myself with what else turned out to be possible that I can’t possibly even dream of today.

Today, I celebrate ME.

I did and do great.

And I am super proud of myself.

14 years already.

And I’ve only just begun…

Happy ME day! 🙂


© Brigitte van Tuijl

P.S.: take some time to celebrate YOU, too.

No matter what you do or whatever is going on in your business or life right now, I bet there is SO much to be grateful for, happy with, and proud of.

You celebrate YOU today, OK?

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