Take a really wild guess as to what the FIRST thing is my own intuition does, after I just invited my clients to stop doubting their inspired ideas and to just DO them, even when it feels uncomfortable and weird?


Yep, you guessed right: it brings me an idea that feels uncomfortable & weird.


Of course.


Holy shit.


Ah well.


I went with it anyway in this Facebook Live:


P.S.: When you tune into your own inner knowing AND then ACT on the guidance & inspiration you ALWAYS receive, you ALWAYS know what to do.


Whether you’re looking for guidance on how to improve your relationship to where to find new clients to how to market your new program:

Your own inner guidance ALWAYS shows you the way.


But you don’t tune in nor listen to it enough.

And I bet you forget to use it for ‘practical’ advice around selling and marketing and making yourself more visible.

That’s why this month in RISE, my online business healing program, the topic


Stop Questioning. Start Trusting.

You practice tuning into your inner wisdom and TRUST its guidance.

You explore what makes you dismiss the inspiration you receive, and how to stop doing that.

You receive healings that help open up your communication channel with your soul & that help you trust & implement the guidance you get.

And more.

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