It’s not that you don’t know what to do.

It NEVER is.


So whatever it is you think you don’t know right now?

You DO know.

You really do.


You only THINK you don’t know, because it feels safer and/or more comfortable to tell yourself that you have no clue what to do.

And that’s perfectly OK.

As long as you’re honest about it.

When you’re honest about what’s really going on underneath the surface, you never have to feel stuck or overwhelmed.


It’s when you deny or don’t explore what’s going, that you make things complicated.

I know all about it. I’m very good at complicating things 🙂

AND I also know how to make them simple again.


So, let’s explore some of the common reasons you THINK you don’t know what to do, so you can check what’s really going on inside you:


#1 It scares you.

The decision or action you know you have to take feels scary.

Or the possible consequences, varying from failing at it to actually succeeding.


This question helps:

If you feared nothing & money was no object: what would you do?


#2 You don’t understand it.

You know what you have to do, but it makes no sense.

Your rational mind can’t grasp why you’re called to do this thing.

You don’t get how this action, decision or project can possibly bring you what you want.


This question helps:

If you allowed yourself to follow your flow: what would you do?


#3 You doubt the action OR yourself.

This often happens when you compare yourself to others.

Or when you feel there are ‘rules’ you must follow.

So when your inspired action looks like nothing anyone has ever done before…

Or you feel it’s not what you’re supposed to do according to others who you think know more about the subject than you do…

…you dismiss your inspired idea, because it can’t be right.


The same thing happens when you doubt yourself.

When you don’t believe you’re capable to take a certain action, or you’re not worthy to receive the results.


This question helps:

If you trusted yourself completely & believed that everything always works out for you: what would you do?


Go over this list every time you think you don’t know what to do.

And 99 out of a 100 times – IF you’re willing to explore what’s really going on AND are completely honest with yourself – you’ll find that you DO know after all.


And that one time you STILL don’t know?

Despite being super honest and curious and open to uncover your answer?

It’s because this time, you TRULY don’t know.

Because you’re not ready to hear the answer.

Or the answer or idea is not ready to be heard.

It’s not fully formed and too premature to survive yet.


And the solution to that is always the same:

Be. OK. With. Not. Knowing.

A sometimes scary, sometimes lonely, sometimes chaotic place to be.

Yet SO powerful.

And SO beautiful, too.

After all:

Why is knowing anything so important anyway?


What if it never matters what you do or don’t know, and you simply follow your deepest truth & most joyful flow, without labeling it, questioning it, or wanting to control what happens next?



What if indeed?!

To (not) knowing,


© Brigitte van Tuijl



P.S.: When you tune into your own inner knowing AND then ACT on the guidance & inspiration you ALWAYS receive, you ALWAYS know what to do.

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