It’s not so much what you do.

What you do is something millions of others can do, too.

You’re a life coach? Join the club.

A business coach? There are millions of them. (Well…millions…But thousands? For sure.)

A spiritual teacher, graphic designer, reiki master, career coach, massage therapist? You’re not the only one.

None of it is unique.

But HOW you do it?

WHO you are?

The ENERGY you bring into your business & work with you?

THAT’s what sets you apart.

And more than that:

That’s where the value you bring and the biggest impact you make is directly related to. To your energy. Your beingness.

All you have to do to make a difference AND set yourself apart AND attract your ideal clients AND feel good about everything you do?

That ALL comes as a direct result from YOU being YOU.

It sounds so easy. And yet….

Most people suppress (parts of) their message, their gift or who they are.

Make themselves smaller. From fear of being too much or being criticized or not fitting in or whatever else reason you may have for not being ALL of you.

Starting now, take up more space. 

Starting now, bring more of YOU into everything you do.

Starting now, be YOU.

© Brigitte van Tuijl



P.S.: All that inner stuff, those doubts & fears & stories that stand in the way of fully being who you are and doing what you truly want to do?

Is all that’s ever standing between you and whatever it is you most want to experience or achieve.

Clearing those blocks is all you have to do to live your DREAMS instead of your fears.

That’s why I created RISE, my online business healing program for women entrepreneurs.

It gives you the tools, clearings, (healing) energy, mindset & support to transform and let go of your inner crap, so it no longer holds you back from whatever it is you TRULY want to do in your business & life.

You can read all about & sign up for it here

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