One of the biggest money blocks (you may not even be aware that it’s keeping more money away from you) is this:

Your money past.


You, like everyone else, have a looooong history with money behind you.

Some of that history is neutral, some of it is positive, and some of it is negative and/or limits you in making more money.


Your money past is a combination of all your experiences connected with money you’ve ever had & all the messages you received about it when you grew up (both spoken AND unspoken!).

This covers a very wide range of experiences, emotions & messages, like for example:

  • Making a bad financial decision or trusting the wrong person;


  • Making an investment you regret or losing money in whatever way;


  • Being taught that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and you have to work hard to make money;


  • Hearing messages that money is filthy; it’s not possible to be honest, ethical & rich; rich people are a different kind of people and out of your league;


  • Having picked up the belief that money is not spiritual or it’s not done to make a lot of money from helping or healing people;


  • Feeling bad about still having money issues to feeling angry, sad, guilty, jealous or ashamed about anything having anything to do with money;


  • Feeling disappointed about your past results in getting clients, making money, or making more sales;


  • And much more.


ALL negative or limiting thoughts, beliefs or feelings you have around money, are ALWAYS present underneath the surface – and they impact your results whether you’re aware of it or not.

Because it impacts the ACTIONS you take or DON’T take as a result of this underlying baggage.


AND your negative feelings bring down your energy & vibration, which negatively impacts the results from any action you take.    

(Because it’s not your ACTIONS that determine your results – it’s the ENERGY or VIBRATION you take these actions from, that determine your results.)


That’s why the VERY first step to be able to make more money, is to make peace with your money past.

Which is why it is the VERY first step I let people take in my online program Money Mindset Shift.


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© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: The more open you are to receive in general, the more money you’re able to let in, too.

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