Let’s dive straight into a couple of common myths that either keep you stuck OR slow down your manifesting progress immensely:


Myth #1: You need fear to keep you safe.

In a REAL life & death situation, like running into a hungry bear or being trapped in a burning building?

Oh, you WANT fear to kick in and give you that adrenaline rush you need in that moment to get your ass to safety asap.

Fear serves you there!

In EVERY other situation?

You DO NOT need fear AT ALL. It does NOT keep you safe.

On the contrary!

It keeps you stuck in a little box built out of your limited ideas & doubts about yourself and the world.

It keeps you where you are, and makes you create the same results over and over.


Myth #2: You need to worry to find solutions to your problems.


When was the last time you found a GREAT solution by worrying about it?

And when was the last time the solution you needed just fell in your lap when you were not thinking about it at all?

I rest my case.


Myth #3: You think you have to MAKE things happen.

Making things happen is not how it works anymore.

That’s old school manifesting whit too much emphasis on forcing, pushing, striving, working hard.


What DOES work – ESPECIALLY when you’re intuitive and/or highly sensitive – is ALLOWING things to happen.

To get OUT OF THE WAY and let things unfold.

To ALLOW life to bring you what you need.

ALLOW things to work themselves out and fall into place.

ALLOW ideas, inspiration and opportunities to come to you.

To RECEIVE them.

And ONLY act on inspiration when you feel it’s YOUR place and time to take a certain step.


Myth #4: You need to know HOW to get where you want to be before you can start.

Nope. You don’t. And it’s IMPOSSIBLE.


You know when you CAN know the HOW?

If you copy what others do.

If you live someone else’s life instead of your own.

If you’re trying to squeeze yourself or your business into a mold you can only ever fit in if you adapt, adjust, and change who you are.


But when you choose to follow YOUR calling and live YOUR life?

Everything is new.

Everything is different.

The path to manifesting it – pardon me: the path to ALLOWING it – is UNIQUELY PAVED BY YOU, FOR YOU.


It is IMPOSSIBLE to know the HOW, because with every breath you take, with every transformation you go through, and with every step you take: your entire reality shifts and changes.

And what looked like a good next step 5 minutes ago, will no longer serve you in this moment.


Your FIRST step, the step you can take NOW, is ALWAYS clear.

You may not like it, it may scare you, it may trigger doubts and a whole bunch of inner shit.


You take it.

The next step will show up.

You take that.

And the next step shows up.


THAT’S how manifesting works.

THAT’S how life works.

And THAT’S how you allow life to bring you what you want and need.

What’s YOUR next step life is calling you to take in this moment?

To flow, baby!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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