Getting what you want starts, of course, with knowing what you want.

But after that, it’s all about being open and receiving:


Being open to receive the WAY to manifest what you want. 

The how, the actual steps, knowing what to do and when to do it. 

Being open to trust that it WILL come, in its own divine timing, in its own divine way, if you ALLOW it to unfold and come to you.

When you’re not attached to the how, the if, the when. 


Being open to receive the actual thing you want to manifest.

Yet so often, you push that very thing away from you before you get it.

Because you’re afraid you’re not worthy, or you’ll lose it again, or it somehow feels safer to not receive it at all.


Being open to ask for what you want, for ALL that you want, for what you TRULY want.

Yet this is another place you often hold back, because you don’t want to ask for too much, or you already have so much and don’t want to be greedy ….or for whatever else reason you feel uncomfortable to ask for ALL the things you TRULY desire.


And being open to let things be EASY.

But we’ve all learned that life isn’s easy, that you have to work hard, that there are no shortcuts, that what comes easy goes away easy, too….

We’re all conditioned to believe that you have to SWEAT for what you want, that there’s PAIN involved, and that the harder you have to STRUGGLE for something, the more value it has.


So many blocks & obstacles can make it hard to manifest what you want – and to ENJOY that journey, too.

Maybe you’re blocking whatever YOU want to come to you right now, too.


Are you making it harder (or impossible) for yourself to get what you want?


  • Are you asking for what you TRULY want? (Or are you settling for what you think you can get upfront?)


  • Are you asking for ALL that you want?  (Or do you hold back in asking for more, asking for the sale, asking for support, asking for help, asking for….whatever it is you would LIKE to ask for?)


  • Are you open to receive the WAY, the HOW, to let the universe bring you what you asked for? (Or is your mind constantly dishing up fears & doubts & reasons to stay where you are;  judging your next step; distrusting your intuition; talking you out of the things your soul tells you to do; or talking you into things you truly don’t have to do?)


  • Are you open to let life flow through you, to be FULLY alive? (Or do you keep the door to life mostly closed most of the time?  Because hey, if you open up FULLY you don’t just open the door for more GOOD and more EASE and more LOVE and more JOY – but who the fuck knows what ELSE you might be open to then. Things that are bad, or scary, or you REALLY don’t want in your life?)


  • Are you open to GIVE freely, from love and abundance?  (Or do you feel that you lose something when you give? Or give because you want to receive something in return? And you feel disappointed and sad when nothing seems to come back to you even though ‘they’ always say you have to give to receive?)


No matter how open you THINK you already are…there’s ALWAYS room to open up to more:

To more ease, flow, love, freedom, joy, happiness, light, and yes, material things like money, too!


The only limit there is to expand & receive more, is the limit YOU place on it.

Open up, baby.

Let go more.

Ask more.

Give more.

Receive more.

It only gets better and better and better when you do!


© Brigitte van Tuijl

P.S.: Being open to ask for ALL that you want, and to RECEIVE it all, too, is an area were women entrepreneurs commonly block themselves.

That’s why the June 2017 topic in RISE, my online business healing program for women entrepreneurs, is all about  Expanding Your Capacity To Receive.

RISE gives you the tools, clearings, (healing) energy, mindset & support to transform and let go of your inner crap, so it no longer holds you back from whatever it is you TRULY want to do in your business & life.

In June 2017, you receive healings, quick exercises & journaling questions that help you:

  • Expand your capacity to ask;
  • Expand your capacity to receive;
  • Expand your capacity to give freely from your heart;
  • Expand your capacity to open up & surrender to life.


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