One of the reasons you started your business is probably because you wanted to be free.

And no matter how free you already feel…. there’s always room for more freedom.

The things most entrepreneurs look at when they want to create more freedom is this:

  • Automate recurring tasks;
  • Delegate more;
  • Create systems & structures;
  • Clever ways to work smarter and leverage your time & energy, and
  • Create a business model that brings more freedom.

All of these help.

But no amount of systems, structures, automating or delegating will make you feel free if you don’t do this FIRST – and you can do that RIGHT NOW:

Stop putting so many shoulds & musts on yourself.

That’s right:

Cut yourself some slack.

Let yourself off the hook.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself!

There are SO many rules you think you MUST follow and things you feel you SHOULD do.

And it’s all those self-imposed rules & shoulds that make you feel trapped and under constant pressure.

Let go a little, baby.

Take the pressure of:

You don’t have to please everyone. (And you’re not able to do that anyway. So forget about it.)

It’s OK to not post new updates on Social Media every day, every week, or every whatever schedule you think you have to stick to.

Feel like you need a nap? Take one!

Feel like taking an afternoon off? DO it!

Want to cancel the invitation to something you REALLY don’t want to go to, but you’re afraid people won’t like you if you say no?

If YOU don’t feel you want to be there, from your heart, and everything inside you says NO: Just. Say. No.

Accept that your to-do-list will never be done.

Stop thinking that everything should be perfect, that YOU should be perfect, and stop working harder to try and finish everything you THINK you must do.


Loosen up.

ALLOW yourself to follow your flow & trust your intuition.

Wherever it leads you and whatever it nudges you to do.

Whether it’s taking a nap or sending out an extra sales mail.

ALLOW things to be easy.

Struggling doesn’t add extra value to your work.

You don’t have to pay a price to be happy.

And suffering doesn’t make you a better person.

ALLOW yourself to FEEL GOOD and FREE.

Because you already are.

You just temporarily lost sight of it as a result of all the bullshit crap thoughts your mind keeps pouring out over you all day long.

So breathe.


You are exactly where you need to be.

You are good enough just the way you are.

And 99% of the things you worry about will fall into place once you ALLOW it to, and when you give yourself a moment to get quiet, relax, stop thinking, and let the solution come to you.

Set yourself free, baby.

You have that power.

To freedom!


P.S.: Your inner blocks, thoughts, beliefs & obstacles are the ONLY thing standing in the way of creating whatever you want to create: whether it’s more freedom, more money, more clients or more success. (Or something completely different.)

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