This morning I was journaling on something I’m working on in my business, and asked myself this question:

What’s my most desired outcome for this?


Normally, this question instantly connects me to what I most want.

Not today, though.


Here’s what I intuitively wrote down instead:

You’re afraid to ask because you’re not sure you’ll receive it.



I did not see that one coming 😉

But I instantly knew it was true.


I realized I put restrictions on what I’m open to receive.  

And I often don’t ask for what I TRULY want: I censor and restrict my desires upfront, and only ask for a small portion of what I long for:


Because I wonder who I am to even ask for something.

Because I’m not sure it’ll work out.

Because I doubt I can truly have it.

Because I fear I’m going to lose it again once I have it.

Because I doubt I’m worthy to receive it at all.

Because I’m not sure I trust myself enough to do & dare whatever it takes to manifest it.


It makes perfect sense that you can NEVER get what you want, if you:

Aren’t asking for it;

Don’t expect to ever get it (best not expect TOO much to spare yourself feeling disappointed if it turns out you can’t get it);

And aren’t open to receive it (why would you want to receive something if you lose it again anyway? Best spare yourself that pain upfront).


I thought this was something I’d successfully worked through already.

Which I did, or I wouldn’t have been able to manifest most of what I achieved in the past couple of years.

But apparently, there was more to clear up on a deeper level.

Growing into new territory and manifesting new results can only happen if I’m open to RECEIVE it.


And apparently I’ve outgrown my current level of receiving:

If I want to receive more, I have to open up to more – and that requires me to let go of some old beliefs, stories, patterns and behaviors again.


The same thing goes for YOU:

You can’t receive more than you’re able to ask for & are open to receive, too.


So, if any of this resonates, check in with yourself and reflect on these questions:


  • What is it you TRULY desire?


  • (Yes? That’s REALLY it? Or are you censoring and limiting your desires upfront?)


  • Do you expect to manifest / receive this?


  • Do you feel worthy to manifest / receive it?


  • Do you feel capable to manifest / receive it?


Feel into these questions and notice what comes up.

Explore what thoughts and beliefs come up for you, that made you feel this way.

And change your stories and beliefs so that they DO serve & support you in manifesting your true desires.



By asking if what you believe is absolutely true without a shadow of a doubt.

By making a list of all the reasons you CAN receive this; you ARE worthy; you ARE capable; and all the reasons why there’s nothing to be afraid of.

And if you’re in my program RISE, by listening to money healing audio #3 pronto 🙂

(This healing is all about asking, opening up, and receiving.)


To being open to LIFE, baby!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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