So many women entrepreneurs struggle with money.

And often they think their money problems will be over once more money starts flowing in.


That will never happen.

Money issues have nothing to do with money.

More money can NEVER solve your money issues.


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I completely understand this way of thinking, though:

I used to believe making more money would solve my own money problems.

And when my then-coach told me this wasn’t true and something else was going on, I was pissed off at first:


What the hell did SHE know about money issues?!

She never struggled with money in her entire LIFE.

And she made truckloads of money in her super successful business: she was well on track to retire somewhere between age 35-40.


So I dismissed her message, thinking she didn’t know what she was talking about.

Turns out she did, though.

How annoying 😉

I learned this by making more money (yay!) and seeing it all slip through my fingers again (nay!).

And once I learned to not only make but also KEEP more money, I noticed I was STILL often worried and stressed about money.


Shit. She was right: my struggle with money had NOTHING to do with money.

Over the years I’ve learned that this is true for ALL money issues women entrepreneurs have.

It really and truly has NOTHING to do with money.


It has to do with for example: 

  • Self-worth, self-acceptance & self-love;


  • What you believe you deserve & what the value of your work is;


  • How safe it feels for you to make or have (more) money;


  • How much you’re able to receive;


  • What you feel is possible for you;


  • What you believe about work, money, marketing, selling and value(s) in general;


  • What you believe about ethics, spirituality, helping people, and if there’s enough space for you and/or your success in this world / your branche / your line of work;


  • How comfortable you feel making yourself & your work confidently visible;


  • And with how much life you’re able to take in.



I personally recognize and had to work on ALL of the examples I mention above.

And that work is still not done: every time I take a leap, invest a lot of money, or grow into a new level, the same issues come up again.

I can still worry or feel scared about money sometimes – but it never consumes me anymore, and I shift through it SO much faster and easier than ever before.


So how can you shift out of YOUR money issues, or open yourself up to make more money than you’re used to until now?


#1 Awareness.

Know that money is NOT the issue. Be willing to dig deeper and explore what’s going on underneath.


#2 Find out what the real issue is.


One option is to read through that list of issues above again.

Anything jump put for you? Or trigger resistance?

Start there. Something is up with that issue for sure. Feel into it. Write about it. Notice what comes up.


Another option is to write down everything you think and feel about money.

You can do that by finishing each of these sentence 25 times:


Money is….


Making money is…



#3 Shift into a higher truth that serves you.

What belief(s) makes it hard for you to make more money / let go of your money stress?

Create a higher truth for each of them.


For example:

Your belief: It’s not safe for me to make more money.

Higher truth: Having enough money to take good care of myself is safer than having money issues.

Your belief: Rich people are unethical bastards.

Higher truth: I choose to do and contribute to good in this world with my money.


What you think is your problem is almost never the real issue – there’s almost always a root cause going on underneath the surface.

Digging deep, doing your inner work, and taking inspired actions helps you solve it.

Sometimes, additional healing or energy work is needed. (And that certainly always helps.)


If you have a money issue you want solved or want to open up to make more money: start by exploring what inner obstacle might be in your way.

That might be all you need to shift your situation completely.

To feeling good & relaxed about money,




© Brigitte van Tuijl


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