Resistance goes hand in hand with change, transformation & growth.

When you feel that you don’t want to take action on something, don’t want to look at or think about something, or don’t want to take a specific action: you’re in resistance.


A lot of people take this as a sign of one of those two things:

1.    A sign that you should NOT do something. Thinking that resistance equals STOP.

2.    OR thinking that it’s only fear, and the solution is to push through it.

But there could be OTHER reasons.

And BEFORE you can know how to best deal with it, you need to ADDRESS your resistance FIRST.


Here’s what resistance can mean:

1.    That it’s not the right TIME to take a certain action;

2.    That it’s not the right ACTION;

3.    That this is NOT good for you – it’s not aligned with you. The resistance is warning you to NOT do this, because it’s NOT your path, it’s not for you, it’s not in your highest good;

4.    That you fear either the action itself and/or its possible consequences & outcomes.

If it’s not the right time: don’t do it NOW.

If it’s not the right action: don’t do it AT ALL.

If it’s not good for you: forget about it and DO NOT PROCEED.

If it’s fear: look underneath the surface; look at what’s TRULY going on; explore your thoughts, stories and beliefs; focus on all the RIGHT reasons to take the action anyway, and THEN take it.


But never, ever, EVER push through resistance BEFORE you know what’s causing it.

(And never, ever, EVER avoid taking the action or stop in your tracks BEFORE you know what’s causing it either!)


A lot of people preach you should ‘feel the fear and do it anyway!’

You should buckle up and don’t be such a wuss!

No pain no gain!

All you need is a kick in the ass and GO already!


Bullshit. All of it.

Don’t listen to anyone telling you that you must force yourself through anything.

Don’t listen to people who say resistance is something you simply must get over.

(Don’t listen to ANYONE’S advice in general without checking in with your own inner truth and wisdom FIRST, period.)


Resistance is something that ALWAYS shows up when you grow, when you transform, and when you stretch yourself.

When it shows up, always address it first:

Check in with yourself, feel what’s going in, what it is you’re resisting EXACTLY, and why that might be.


Once you’ve explored it, you’ll know what to do.

If you can’t figure it out on your own: ask help.


Whatever you do, NEVER force yourself through it before you know what’s going on.

That’s really the worst thing you can do.


And finally: don’t dread or fear your resistance!

Whatever it signifies and regardless of what’s causing it, it’s a sign that you’re growing, stretching, changing and transforming.

And that’s a good thing.

Hurray for resistance! 😉


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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