I believe journaling is an incredibly powerful tool that every entrepreneur should absolutely add to their (preferably daily) routine.

It helps you connect to what’s going on inside you and to what you truly want.

It helps you process and deal with what’s going on in your business and life.


It helps you grow, learn, transform, get rid of the noise in your mind, get back in touch with your heart & soul.

It gives you inspiration, ideas, and powerful insights.


It brings you peace of mind, flow, and a moment of blissful quiet in a loud and busy world.

I could go on and on like this for a very, VERY long time.

I am IN LOVE with journaling, writing, and its incredible power & benefits.

But don’t worry, I won’t: you’re either already sold or don’t give a shit, so we’re good now đŸ˜‰


In case you’d like to try it but aren’t sure where to start, or are looking for some fresh journaling inspiration, here are 7 powerful journaling questions for you.

I just shared them with my clients in one of my Facebook groups, and thought you might like to try them out, too:





© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Journaling is one of the ways to do your inner work, to clear what’s going on inside you.

Which is crucial for growing your business and manifesting anything, because:

Your inner blocks, doubts & resistance are the ONLY thing standing between you and whatever it is you most want to experience or achieve.

Clearing those blocks is all you have to do to live your DREAMS instead of your fears.

It’s not always easy to cut through your own crap or heal your own inner turmoil, though.

That’s why I created RISE, my online membership program for women entrepreneurs.

RISE gives you the tools, clearings, (healing) energy, mindset & support to transform and let go of your inner crap, so it no longer holds you back from whatever it is you TRULY want to do in your business & life.

You can read all about & sign up for it here.

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