A VERY big source of insecurity and self-doubt is this:

Comparing yourself to others.

I see many women doing it – and sometimes fall into this trap myself as well.


Here’s what it looks like:

You see someone having a successful launch with a program similar to yours – but when you launched your program, only 2 people signed up.

You read that someone went from zero to 6 figures in one year – while you’re in business for 5 years now and still struggle to make ends meet.

You see people living the happy laptop-lifestyle in gorgeous locations – while your office is also your laundry room / bedroom / living room.


It makes you feel small, sad, and leaves you wondering what’s wrong with you: why can’t YOU create things like that?!

If you ever find yourself doing this: stop it. Immediately.

It’s not helpful.

It only brings you down.


Ask yourself a different question:

What currently unfulfilled desire wakes up in you when you look at other people’s business and life?

What do you see them do, be, or have that YOU want to do, be or have, too?

Use this as information to get super clear on what you REALLY want in your business and life.


And instead of wondering why they have it and you don’t, ask yourself this:

How COULD I create it?

How CAN I make this happen, too?


Commit to your dreams and be ALL in to achieve them.

Step in your power.

OWN your power. You’re not insignificant. You’re not small.

And you’re most definitely not a failure or a loser.

On the contrary:


You’re a powerful creator with limitless options and opportunities.

You’re a spark of the divine.

And you’re capable of so much more if you decide to go for what you truly want, and don’t let any fears or doubts hold you back.


Stop comparing yourself to others, and focus ALL your energy on what you most want to create.

What other people create is their business. What you create is your business.

There’s plenty of space for everyone’s success.


And finally, remember that you don’t know what anyone’s business or life truly looks like.

You don’t know what other people struggle with.

You don’t know how hard they had to work to get to where they are today.

You just don’t know.

So, stop looking at what others are doing – unless it inspires you.


If not, bring your attention and focus back to where it belongs: on what YOU choose to experience and create.


“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”


Steve Furtick


Keep your eye on YOUR dreams, baby!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Your inner blocks, doubts & resistance are the ONLY thing standing between you and whatever it is you most want to experience or achieve.

Clearing those blocks is all you have to do to live your DREAMS instead of your fears.

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