Never felt like you fitted in? That’s because you were never MEANT to.

You weren’t made for the world that we’re growing out of.

You are made for the world we’re growing into.


You weren’t made for the times before us.

You are made for THIS time.

Just like I’M made for THIS time.


Like you, I never fitted in.

I never felt truly at home on this planet.

I didn’t understand people, their choices, or their behavior.

I didn’t understand how the world worked, according to others.

If there was a manual, I never got it.

(Not that I cared about that. I simply created my own.)


The old world is not and never has been my world.

Polluting the planet, our water, our food?

Putting the greed of the few over the needs of the many?

Focusing on short-term gain only and destroying people & our planet along the way?


It’s stupid and makes no sense to me at all.

It never did.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t believe that the end of the world is near.


I DO believe however that the end of the world as we KNOW it is near.

Thankfully so!


Change on ALL levels, in ALL areas in ALL of life is necessary.

We need A LOT of change in this world.

We need A LOT of healing in this world.

We need to start THINKING, ACTING, BEING and LIVING differently.

We CAN do that.

And change is already happening everywhere.


A new world is being born right now.

This new world needs us to let go of the old that no longer serves us, and to invent and embrace (new) things that DO serve ALL of mankind & the planet.


And WHO does this new world need to get all of this done?

People who are able to help heal & transform whatever needs healing and transforming.

People who are being, thinking, and acting differently right now.

People who have always been (seen as) different.


The ones who never fitted in.

The ones who never understood the way the world was, and who dreamed of new ways of being & living when no one around them understood why they bothered.

The ones who’ve always believed in a better, kinder world.


The ones who are MADE to help birth that new world into being.

The ones like you, and like me.


You never fitted in because you were never supposed to:

You weren’t made to hold on to the world we once knew.

You were made to contribute to a new world.


Change NEVER comes from the ones who fit in, the ones who do & think & are & act like everyone else.

Change NEVER comes from the people who don’t think for themselves and never question the status quo.


Change ONLY EVER comes from people who think different, are different, and act different.

Change comes from people who are WIRED to make change.


YOU are one of those change makers.

You are MADE for these times.

As am I.


So stop trying to fit in, stop apologizing for who you are, stop hiding who you are, and stop changing who you are.

OWN and EMBRACE ALL the things that always made you different and weird.

That’s EXACTLY what the world needs right now.


This is the time for you to come fully alive, and to BRING YOUR CHANGE.

To MAKE the change you were born to make.


So STEP UP and RISE into your POWER.


You’re made for it, baby.

It’s YOUR time now!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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