Not owning your power & playing small feels bad – and it hurts your business, too.


Because it stops you from expressing your deepest truths, opinions & viewpoints, for example. (Which is exactly what you need to do to stand out & attract your ideal clients.)


It stops you from sharing your ideas, creating your programs & products, writing your books, and having the impact you crave. more inside you than is coming out.)

And it leads to you not being visible at all or not nearly enough – which directly impacts the amount of clients you get, the impact you have & how much money you make.

To name just a few of the ways it makes you feel bad & hurts your business when you hide out.


Most of the behaviors that keep you playing small, hiding out, and diminishing your power are often seen as normal ‘feminine’ behavior.

That makes it more difficult to see how and when you’re doing this.

Which makes it impossible to change it, because you can’t change what you can’t see.


That’s why in this month’s RISE masterclass, I dive deep into all the different ways these behaviors show up.

And why I’m sharing 3 common ways women hide out in this article.


Check to see if you do this, too – so you can change it and can FULLY own your power and take charge of your business and life:


Common way women hide out #1: I need…….before I can…….

This is what it looks like:

You come up with a great idea.


But instead of implementing it, you talk yourself out of it with seemingly rational arguments:

Let’s say for example you come up with the idea for an online program.

And instead of creating & selling it, you think:

I need to hire someone to do all the tech stuff first. Where can I find someone? And I have no money to hire them, so I need to make money first.

Oh, and I need a shopping cart. And a merchant account first, too.



It now seems so complicated that you’ve talked yourself into overwhelm and out of your idea.


Common way women hide out #2: Perfectionism

Everything has to look perfect: your branding, your website, your logo, the colors, the copy, your handouts, your worksheets, your sales pages, your EVERYTHING.

YOU have to be perfect. Your content has to be the best of the world. You have to be the best at whatever it is you do.

You cannot make mistakes. You’re not allowed to fail.

And you CAN’T do this thing BEFORE everything is perfect FIRST.



It’s called Perfection Paralysis for good reason: you freeze, stop, hide out, step back. And your idea never gets implemented.


Common way women hide out #3: Hoarding more & more knowledge.

Oh, you know I’m talking to you, baby 😉

Before you can write a book on topic X, you have to read AT LEAST 12 more books and articles about it. (Even though you already have a degree on this topic and worked in this field for 15 years.)

Before you can coach a client on anything, you first need to learn yet another coaching or healing modality, tool, or technique.

(And after that you STILL doubt if you know enough to teach or coach others on this topic, ‘cause hey, who do you think you are anyway?)



You seriously slow yourself down and directly hurt your business ‘cause instead of working with clients based on what you NOW know & are capable of, you’re investing your precious time, money & energy in learning more and more and more and more and more.

(And no matter how much you learn, you will NEVER feel ready or good enough to grow your business or even get it off the ground – NO amount of knowledge will EVER make you feel ‘enough’, if YOU don’t DECIDE that you’re good enough. That you know enough. And that you ARE enough.)


Don’t feel bad about yourself if you recognize one or all 3 ways of hiding out, first name.

It’s learned behavior*.


Which means that you can UNlearn it, too.

And that starts with being aware of how & when you hide, play small, and give your power away.


You’re SO much more powerful than you think.

Embrace your FULL power, so you can boldly go where you have never gone before.

You can, you know!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S. 1: * See the video of the Facebook Live I delivered last week, titled Why most women don’t own their full power & play small (HINT: It’s not your personal shortcoming!!)


P.S. 2: There are more ways women hide out, keep themselves small & give their power away (without even realizing it).

And you can CHANGE it all, and learn to embrace & own your FULL power.

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