I just read a FANTASTIC article with musings on life and art. ( I share the link on the bottom of this blog) 

It’s chockfull of wisdom and inspiration I so wish more people would get and live by, that I decided to share the article on Facebook.

I thought I’d write a couple of simple introductory sentences with it, but before I knew it, it turned into a preachy rant.

Ha! That happens to me often when I’m on fire about a topic 😉

And I seriously think this article is super good and incredibly inspiring, so I decided to share it here on my blog, too.

Including my preachy rant.

And you find the article on the bottom of this blog, so either read on until you find it or scroll down now 😉

So here’s the entire thing exactly as I posted it on Facebook below:

OMG, I love this article SO much and I SO want EVERYONE to really GET it, and when I feel like that I always end up in preaching/ranting mode. Ranting & preaching mode FULL ON below, baby – don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉

SO much YES to all of this in the article below. It does NOT apply to art and to life ONLY, it applies to business, TOO.

Life = art. Business = art.


Business & life are all about (self) expression and creation from the inside out – just like art is.


If you do it the other way around, and you live from the outside in, as MOST people do and as we are all taught to live & do business & ‘achieve’ shit

(meaning: to live in your HEAD and to try and to only THINK your way through life, and to let the OPINIONS and ‘ADVICE’ from other people dictate your desires & decisions, and to BLINDLY do what others do without even considering if this is right for you too, because hey, you don’t want to rock the boat or stand out too much)

– you will ALWAYS feel like something is missing and you’ll ALWAYS be dependent on other people and outer ‘success’ and ‘possesions’ to feel good.


And you will NEVER feel FREE.

YOU are the boss of your business, your life, your choices, your path.


The sooner you learn to embrace that, and you become your own guru, and you take full responsibility for your life & your thoughts & your actions & your everything, really, and you express what’s inside you that you’re BORN to express and you WANT to express, the sooner you’ll feel like you’re FULLY ALIVE.


And YES, it’s better for your business results, too, for those of you who think that all of that flow and inspiration crap is for hobby or spare time or woowoo-shit only. FUCK NO. It’s the only way to LIVE.

P.S.: And YES, all of this is the essence of everything I teach in my online workshop ‘No Goals, No Plans, No Soul-Sucking Strategies – grow your business organically, intuitively & 100% YOUR way.’

Check it out here if it resonates and don’t if it doesn’t.

Make sure to AT LEAST read this article below if ANY of this resonates with you.

You resonate with it for a reason, baby. Don’t ignore it.

***RANT / PREACH MODE OFF. More coffee now.***

Click here to read the article ‘Beloved Artist Agnes Martin On Our Greatest Obstacle To Happiness and How To Transcend It’ on Brainpickings.


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