These are 5 things I did (and do) to make sure I grow my business without suffering, sacrificing or compromising.

They will work for you, too!


#1 I put myself first.

And so should you! Why? Because you’re responsible for living YOUR life – and NO ONE else’s.

How can you EVER get what you want and need if you don’t allow yourself to have it?

How can you EVER feel happy if you put your OWN happiness absolutely LAST on your agenda?

How can you EVER find the time and the energy you need to live YOUR life, and YOUR dream, if you’re up to your eyeballs in everybody else’s lives, trying to fix and smooth everything for everyone around you?

YES, life and business are about serving others – but NEVER EVER EVER AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE!!!

Serve without suffering, baby 😉

(OH, and if you DO suffer as a result?

You WILL end up resenting the very people you claim to serve. You’ll resent them for taking up your time, for not respecting your needs, for not thinking of you.

But it’s YOU that needs to think of you. Not them.)


#2 I made myself my own guru.

No one knows better what’s best for me than I do.

Yes, I learn from others – if what they teach resonates with what I feel is true for me.

Yes, I take advice from others – if their advice resonates with my own truth.

I don’t care if something works for EVERY human being on the planet: if it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t work for me. Period the end.

There are as many ways to live and grow your business as there are people on this planet.

Your path will NEVER be and CANNOT POSSIBLY be the same path as someone else’s.

Yes, learn from others & be open to advice – as long as you only follow what resonates with you.

Trust your own inner wisdom over everything and everyone else.

You can, you know! (And it’s incredibly freeing and empowering!)


#3 I make sure to be super clear on what I REALLY want.

And yes, the REALLY is there for a reason, it’s not just a filler word.

The truth is that what you *think* you want, is not necessarily what you *truly* want.


Because most women base their wants on what they believe is possible, realistic, doable, or acceptable to others.

As a result, they censor themselves, water down their needs, feel guilty for wanting more than they now have, and end up with a completely diluted version of their true wants & needs.

And when you then RECEIVE this watered down thing that’s not what you want but think is all you can ever get, you notice it does not fulfill you.

It doesn’t make you happy. And now you feel guilty: what’s wrong with you?! You got what you wanted and you’re STILL not satisfied? Shame on you!

You didn’t get what you want, because you didn’t take a stand for what you TRULY want.

And a part of you knows or at least feels that you didn’t honor your true need.

So whatever you get is not what you truly wanted. And you ALWAYS feel that. And you’ll ALWAYS feel like there’s something missing. Because there IS.

(And side note? Even when you get what you TRULY want, it is actually OK to want something new, something more! Growth and expansion are only natural; trying to keep that boxed in only frustrates you more!!!)

#4 I decide to get what I want WITHOUT knowing how or even believing it is even possible.

The truth is that you never know the how anyway. It’s not your job to figure out the how!

It’s your job to take the first step, and the next, and the next.

The next step WILL reveal itself, ALWAYS – but ONLY if you take the steps you now see before you FIRST.

Also: I’ve learned that the old cliché ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ is TRUE.

There is ALWAYS a way, even if you don’t see it yet.

And you don’t even have to believe that yet – just DECIDE and GO and be OPEN to what unfolds when you do.

One thing you DO know for sure:

If you don’t even try, you will NEVER ever get it, not in a million years.

So GO.

#5 I don’t care about what others may or may not think of me.

This is a big one for women.

Women are, sadly enough, STILL conditioned and raised and STILL receive message after message that they are the caring part of the human race:

You’re expected to please others, take care of others, put other first always – and you’re not only expected to do that, it’s also seen as a virtue and a great thing to strive for.

And if you DON’T do that, and you dare do your own thing or be different than others?

You’re either a bitch, or a selfish bitch.

Or so you think others might think.

But here’s the thing:

Whether other people do or don’t think so, is NOT important AT ALL.

It’s what YOU think of you that determines how you feel about yourself.

Plus: it doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do: you cannot possibly please everyone.

So you might as well stop striving for it now 😉

I’m NOT saying that you can’t be nice or do nice things for others – I AM saying that you should do it because you WANT to; not because you feel you MUST do it or else you won’t be loved, won’t be seen, won’t be accepted.

Who you are is enough.

You don’t have to earn the right to walk on this planet or breath oxygen.
Be your own boss, be your own guru, and claim your full power, baby!

You ARE powerful.

You ARE a limitless being.

And you’re capable of SO MUCH MORE than you think if only you allow yourself to open up to what’s possible for you!


© Brigitte van Tuijl

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