There can be many reasons why it’s hard to grow your business, but they basically all come down to this one main block:

Thinking that the price is too high.

To be more precise:

You either think you have to DO things to grow your business you’d rather not do. (Or flat out aren’t willing to do.)


That you think you will LOSE something that you are not willing to give up.


Let’s look at that first one, thinking that you have to do things you’d rather not do. 

There are dozens of ways to grow your business. As many ways as there are entrepreneurs, even.

And YOU get to pick which way is the best and easiest way for YOU.


But…. that’s something not everyone realizes.

Either because you don’t know HOW to pick the way that works best for you.

Or because you get distracted by all the strategies & actions a lot of business coaches tell you that you MUST follow – or else!


Here are some of things women think you MUST do, or else you can’t grow your business:

  • That you have to hustle all the time;
  • That there’s no room for error;
  • That you must focus on one type of service or product;
  • That there are certain marketing strategies you MUST follow, even if you don’t like them;
  • That you must have high end programs and/or a signature program;
  • That you have to take lots of (inspired) actions, all the time.


Here’s the thing:

As long as you believe it is necessary to do things you dislike or are NOT prepared to do, growing your business will either be impossible (because you don’t even bother to begin with), or an incredible struggle.

Because what’s the only way to get yourself to do things you detest?

By forcing & pushing yourself daily.

What a nightmare.

Even IF that gets you the results you want, it’s still not worth it!


Now, let’s look at the second one: thinking that you will LOSE something you’re not willing to give up.

This is something you’re not always consciously aware of.

For years, for example, I thought that it was impossible to become more successful AND still enjoy all the freedom I want.

BUT: freedom is my number one value.

And I am not prepared to give that up in return for…well, anything, EVER.

So subconsciously, I felt I had to choose between EITHER freedom OR success.

And until I finally shifted that, I always chose freedom….


Here’s a simple way to check if YOU feel the price of growing your business is too high:


First, ask yourself this:

What do you think that you MUST do to grow your business?

And are you willing to do this?

If your answer is NOT a hell yes!…’re in for a struggle.


Then, ask yourself this:

What is your number one value?

Do you believe it is possible to grow your business AND live up to this value at the same time?

Again, if your answer is NOT a hell yes!……you’ll subconsciously ALWAYS put your number 1 value first.

And you’ll start self-sabotaging the moment your business starts growing. (If you even take action to let it grow to begin with!)


If you want to grow your business, answer these questions now.

‘Cause as long as you’re not even aware that you have a block, it is impossible to shift it.

And it will be VERY hard – maybe even impossible – to grow your business.


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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