This question my friend/coach asked me in April 2003 is still of the most powerful questions anyone ever asked me:

We were talking about me trying to build my business while still having a part-time job.

I was trying to get clients and save money so I’d feel secure enough to quit my job.


But I was doing that for a year and half by then. Without much success.

J. asked me if I still wanted to quit my job. “Yes! It’s happening this year for sure!” I answered.

“OK”, she said,


“So what are you going to do differently from now on to make that happen?”


Holy fuck. That question blew me away.

I instantly realized that I DID NOT KNOW THE ANSWER.

I had NO clue what to do different.


But I was smart enough to understand that NOTHING would change if *I* didn’t change something first! 

In that moment I immediately feel what I had to do:

Quit my job & take the leap.

Which I did the next day. And I never looked back.


I wrote about this story before, but was reminded of it again today.

Someone asked a question in one of the Facebook groups I coach in that reminded me of my own situation all these years ago.

I could see myself sitting on J’s balcony again, taking in that question, and instantly being SO clear on my next best move.


This question clarifies SO much if you really let it sink in.


That’s why it’s a question EVERYONE who is trying to manifest something without much success or progress yet, should ask herself.


So here’s me asking YOU now:


What are you trying to manifest without much change, success or results so far?  

And what will YOU start doing differently now to allow this manifestation to happen?


Because the same thing is true for you:

If you want to change or achieve something in your business or life, something has to change INSIDE you first.

You have to start thinking differently; acting differently; believing differently; BE-ing differently BEFORE something different can show up in your business or life.


I see people muddle through doing the same things, believing the same things, thinking the same things and feeling the same things – and wonder why they’re still not getting different results yet.

And instead of exploring WHY they’re not making progress, they either give up OR start doing MORE of the same.

That does NOT work.

That’s not how manifesting and transformation work.



IF you’re truly committed to a different outcome this time, you HAVE to answer this question honestly, too.

Because, again: NOTHING changes if YOU don’t change first.

Not only what you DO, but – much more importantly – what you think, believe, expect, and assume first.

Who you are BE-ing, on the inside: your mindset & energy around whatever it is you’re wanting to manifest.


Be honest. Make the changes you already, deep down, KNOW you have to make.

Get help if you need to; ask for support or sign up for a program or whatever helps you DO AND BE DIFFERENTLY so you can get the result you crave.

It’s the only way!


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Go shift, shake & change, baby.

You’ve got this!


© Brigitte van Tuijl

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