So here’s some of what I thought I would to do today:

  • I thought I was going to write a sales mail to announce the opening of the doors to my brand new workshop ‘No Goals, No Plans, No Soul-Sucking Strategies – build your business organically, intuitively & 100% YOUR way!’

(Note two days later: it’s ready now!)

  • I thought the sales page for the workshop would be ready, and I could share it on Social Media already (and then, of course, loads of people would sign up for it immediately 😉
  • I thought I was going to work on the content of the workshop, too, and have that finished for at least 50%.


And here’s what I actually did:

  • Felt fucking insecure about EVERYTHING surrounding this workshop, from the content (is it good enough?!) to the date (it’s too soon!) to the length of the workshop (3 hours is too short!) to the sales page (my copy sucks!) which lead to:
  • Starting to doubt the whole workshop and if I wanted to go through with it AT ALL, which lead to:
  • Doubting my overall abilities and being good enough in general, which meant that NOW I had to spend EXTRA time on:
  • Doing my inner work to get my energy back up, feel good about myself & this workshop again, and get my mojo back.


But hey.

No big deal.


I can see now how what I actually did today was EXACTLY what NEEDED to happen.

All that inner work and shifting my mindset brought me back to ME, to my flow, AND to Divine Timing.


It brought me back to my deepest trust & knowing:

  • That forcing and pushing NEVER works – and as soon I notice I’m doing it, the best thing to do is STOP;
  • That I can get my desired end outcome regardless of which actions I take when, or how much I get done in a day. (Your energy & vibration are MUCH more important!)
  • That apparently, doing that inner work today was THE most important thing I had to do with regards to my workshop today (if that wasn’t true, it wouldn’t have been necessary);
  • That everything always works out FOR me, regardless of what I THINK I should do or what I THINK should happen next;
  • And that apparently, today was NOT the best day to officially announce the doors to my workshop being open – for whatever reason beyond my awareness: Divine Timing has her own schedule, and that’s not always the same as my own schedule 😉



So now I’m calm again.


And I can see the blessings in what at first felt like a wasted day.

Firstly, because the doors to my workshop CAN’T open today anyway– there’s a tech issue that is causing a delay in finishing the page.

Secondly, because this inner work helped me clear some pretty important blocks that would have negatively impacted this launch and its results if I hadn’t addressed them.

And thirdly, because this inner work ALSO gave me some GREAT ideas for the content of the workshop AND at least one blog to write for it – because what happened to me today?

Is something EVERY woman entrepreneur who is building and growing a business goes through regularly.


And the mindset work and clearings I did myself today, are something YOU can use too the next time you experience something similar in your business.

So this actually makes the content of this workshop even BETTER 🙂


Divine Timing, baby, it’s a total blessing.

Even if it feels like a bitch in those moments when it’s on a different schedule than your mind (or, more accurately: your fear) WANTS you to be.


So trust whatever happens.

Don’t push through your doubts and try and force things to happen – go INSIDE first, and explore what exactly is going on in there.

Once you find your inner flow again, everything can flow again!


So next time YOU experience something like I did today?

Stop forcing.

Take a step back.

And go inside to explore what’s really going on.


It’s ALWAYS worth doing that.

And if you’re willing to face whatever is going on inside you, you will ALWAYS find your way back to inner peace again.


To inner peace & flow, baby!

(And to Divine Timing that ALWAYS serves your highest good – even when you don’t get it at all.)


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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