When I was 30, I felt stuck in dead-end jobs and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life.

I missed a sense of meaning & purpose, and knew for sure that I did NOT want to spend the rest of my life feeling like that.


So I hired my very first coach to find out two things:

#1 What I truly wanted to do with my life & my work (finding my soul’s purpose, finding that thing that gives meaning to your life),


#2 Get clear on what the reason was that I hadn’t figured all this out by now.


Because I realized, even back then, when I hadn’t yet heard of underlying blocks, beliefs or fears and how these influence you and determine your results:

If there’s some kind of obstacle or something inside me that prevents me from doing what I most love to do, I need to know about it, so I can transform it or get rid of it.

Otherwise I end up KNOWING what I want, but still not LIVING it.

And that won’t make a fucking difference and keep me trapped in dead-end jobs for the rest of my life, right?


Pretty soon I realized what my biggest block was:



I was so scared of finally knowing what I TRULY wanted and then not being able to LIVE it, to make it work, to actually RECEIVE it, that I’d rather NOT know.

Because as long as I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life & my work, I could still believe there WAS something I truly wanted, and I WOULD find it some day, if only I kept searching.

There would still be HOPE.

But if I DID know what my purpose was, and what I most wanted to contribute to with my work, and then it didn’t work out…..


Then all would be lost.

And I would end up in a black hole of hopelessness and without ANY chance of ever finding anything better.

I would have had my chance, and that chance was now gone, and I’d spend the rest of my life in misery until I finally died.

I know, a super bleak and dramatic fear that I didn’t even CONSCIOUSLY believed once I uncovered it.


Which is what so often happens when you’re TRULY WILLING to look your deepest fear in the face and shine a powerful spotlight on them:

They evaporate the moment they surface.

So I instantly knew I didn’t truly believe this fear.



I didn’t fully trust myself yet to not let this – or another fear – stop me in my tracks.

So I decided to train myself in overcoming fears.

And asked myself:

What is the thing I MOST fear right now?


What scares me SO much that even THINKING about it paralyzes me and takes my breath away?

The answer back then was this:

To quit the job I had BEFORE I had another job, and WITHOUT having savings to fall back on

Thinking about it scared the CRAP out of me.


And I decided this would be an EXCELLENT move to make, if only to experience what it did to me to DO THE THING THAT SCARED ME THE MOST.

So I quit my job.

With the money I had in my bank plus my final paycheck, I had about 6 weeks left before my money would have run out completely.

And you know what?

I didn’t freak out.

As a matter of fact:


I felt calmer and more at peace than I had in a long, looooong time.

Those 6 weeks went by in state of bliss and joy:

No more getting up to go face another endless day in a crap job for a total lame ass boss with ‘morals’ and ‘ethics’ that TOTALLY went against everything I believed in.

No more feeling like I sold my soul for a lousy paycheck.

No more feeling that life was passing me by, and I was a powerless bystander, completely at the mercy of whatever happened to me or around me.


It was HEAVEN.

I signed up with temp agencies and regularly called them to see if they had something for me.

And that was it.

I didn’t worry. I didn’t panic or stress out.


I figured it would all work out.

And it DID:

When the 6 weeks were over and I thought: well, something should happen now. Hm. I wonder what’s next? – the phone rang.

One of the temp agencies had a job for me.

I went for an interview that same day and started working there soon after.


Over the years, I took more leaps into the scariest thing I could think of at that time:

Quitting my last job to start my own business.

Writing my first book.

And completely turning my Dutch business around and started working globally and in English with a completely new audience & offerings.


It ALWAYS worked out. It was ALWAYS a relief. And the fear was ALWAYS GONE the exact moment I TOOK THE DAMN LEAP I WAS SO SCARED OF.

I still get scared sometimes.

OK, wait:


I still get scared OFTEN.

Sometimes it’s a relatively small fear, that actually upon further reflection is merely a doubt or feeling uncomfortable for moving into something unknown.

Other times, it’s breathtakingly scary and I can hardly go near the fear ‘cause it feels like I might die if I come too close to it.


And yet, in the end, I ALWAYS end up doing the things that I fear:

Because I KNOW it’s always scariest BEFORE you do it.

Because I KNOW it always works out in the end.

And because I CHOSE to liberate myself from everything that stands in the way of living in complete inner freedom.

Because I CHOSE, and STILL EVERY DAY CHOOSE, to live my DREAMS. NOT my fears.


What do YOU choose?

And if you choose to live your dreams instead of your fears:

What will you do TODAY?

To facing fears and feeling excited and alive!!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Your inner blocks & obstacles are the ONLY thing standing between you and whatever it is you most want to experience or achieve.

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