I remember how excited I was when I first learned about SMART-goals 6000 years or so ago.

(You know: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.)

The results-oriented control freak in me LOVED that.

I started using them religiously, both for myself and in working with 1-1 clients when I first started coaching in 2001.


And it served me for a long time.

It helped me stay focused and on track. It helped me determine my next steps.

I really liked it.



I also reopened the door to my intuitive insights. My intuition grew stronger and stronger.


I began to consciously live, create & do business intuitively. And that didn’t really combine with goal setting anymore.

So at first, I started looking at ways to combine setting goals with taking inspired, intuition based actions

And that worked for a while.

I set my goals first.

And let my intuition tell me which actions to take next.


That worked, but…

I also felt friction.

And I couldn’t really put my finger on where that came from, or how to solve it.

So I kept combining setting goals with letting my soul & intuition guide me.


Until last year.

I sat down at the beginning of the week to write down my weekly goals.

I didn’t really feel excited about anything, but jotted something down anyway.

And when I looked at those goals, I felt a knot in my stomach.


Not only did they feel completely UNinspired, I also felt closed off and cramped up.

So I examined what made me feel bad exactly.

Why wasn’t it working for me anymore?

What was it about goals that didn’t feel good?


The answers immediately came:

It made me feel attached to getting results. It took me out of flow and into my head.

And when I’m in my head, I tend to start striving. Pushing. Forcing. Which takes me even MORE out of flow.

And then I had to manage my energy and bring myself back OUT of my head and INTO my heart, so I could hear my intuition again.


It didn’t help me focus anymore – it started to make me feel anxious instead.

So I tore up the paper I wrote my weekly goals on. Ditched them.

Tuned into my dreams and desires instead – which is vaguely similar to goals, but is much more fluid.


Now, I hardly ever set goals anymore.

Minus one or two that DO excite me and make me feel inspired to move forward.

And I already ditched making business plans last year. 


Not only do I FEEL much better without goals & plans, my RESULTS are much better, too!

And I’m NOT the only one who dislikes goals.

It’s something a lot of creative/intuitive entrepreneurs struggle with.


You may recognize it too:

It makes you feel like a failure if you don’t reach their goals; it makes you feel anxious about achieving them at all or in a certain time frame; and it makes you feel restricted.


But you keep setting goals because you’re afraid NOTHING will happen in you business if you don’t.

Or you DO ditch setting goals, but constantly feel like you really SHOULD do it and you’re missing out on something now that you don’t have goals to work towards.


Sounds familiar?

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© Brigitte van Tuijl

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