One of my clients recently shared a great idea she had in one of my Facebook groups.

It felt inspired, right and exciting…AND a ton of doubts immediately came up.

She wondered why that happened: why do these doubts come up?


It’s actually very normal for doubts to come up when you get a great idea that excites you.

You probably experienced this too:

You have a wonderful idea that lights you up.

And then….

Doubts come up. Fears creep in.


And this is the mistake you can make when this happens:

You interpret this as a sign to stop or step back.

That’s what doubts and fears mean, right?

You have to stop. Or at the very least, you have to take whatever comes up very seriously. You have to explore it. Think about it. Figure it out.


So you stop.

You tell yourself this isn’t the right time, the right idea, the right dream.

Maybe it’s not for you. Maybe you’re not capable. Not worthy.

Besides, if the universe wanted you to have it, they’d just give it to you, right?

So you bury your dream or at least put it off for a while.


It’s better to wait until you’ve dealt with your fears, your doubts have gone, and you feel ready to go.

But here’s the truth:

That moment will NEVER come.


Because doubts & fears go hand in hand with manifesting ANYTHING.

They come up BECAUSE you’re about to do something you haven’t done before.

It happens every time you grow, stretch, or change.


It’s the direct result of stepping up and into something new.

The best (and ONLY) way to keep doubts & fears away is this:

To stay where you are right now.

Staying where you are = living a doubt free life. (OK, relatively doubt-free. Your mind is great in coming up with things to worry about or fret over.)

Stepping up & outside of your comfort zone = doubts & fears wake up and start messing with your mind.


The issue is NOT that doubts & fears come up. The issue is how you RESPOND to them.

Do you let it stop you?

Or not?

At its core, it’s really that simple.

And the choice is ALWAYS yours and yours alone.


What if you decided to not make a big deal of feeling scared or uncomfortable?

What if you fully trusted yourself?

What if you decided to let your dreams shape your life instead of your fears?

What if you saw these doubts coming up as proof that you’re growing, learning and changing? (Instead of as proof that you’re weak and unworthy?)

What if you accept that you feel scared instead of resisting it?

What if it’s really as easy as that?

What if you focused on everything that can go RIGHT instead of everything that might go wrong?


Imagine that, baby….

To living your dreams instead of your fears!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: It’s always the inner blocks & obstacles that make it harder to take action and move forward, even when you’re scared.

That’s why I created RISE, my online business healing program for women entrepreneurs. In it, you clear, heal & transform your inner turmoil so you’re free to create remarkable results. AND: you’ll feel better, more in flow, and more relaxed, too!

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