It’s so easy to say you want something different and you’re DONE with how things are.

It’s so easy to wish, to want, and to wonder how great it would be if you no longer felt stuck. If an opportunity would come your way, and things would be different.

And then….

An opportunity DOES come your way.

And suddenly you’re not sure anymore:

Could this really be the answer? Is THIS what you’ve been praying for?

You step back.

Because this opportunity didn’t look like you hoped it would:

All done and ready, wrapped up in a bow, nice & easy, not needing ANY work from you, not needing ANY investment from you in time, money, energy or courage.

But in reality opportunities NEVER look that way:

A new job requires you to say goodbye to the one you have now.

(Oh fuck! What if it doesn’t work out! What if it turns out as shitty as this one! What if I don’t like it or can’t do it or get fired or end up exactly where I am now 6 months from now?!)


A new partner means you have to say goodbye to the one you have now OR to the life you have built for yourself.

(Oh fuck! What if it’s not The One? What if I get hurt? What if doesn’t last?!)


And the next level in your business, that breakthrough you so desperately want, requires you step into new behavior, new thoughts, new habits, new actions, new territory you haven’t visited before.

It requires you to invest time, energy, money, courage, and hope.

As EVERY transformation in business and life ALWAYS REQUIRE.

(Oh fuck! What if it doesn’t work out? Oh fuck: and what if it DOES?!)


If you’re waiting for someone or something else to change your life and business FOR you, bring you the EXACT result you desire, without YOU ever lifting a finger or taking a risk or doing something new or taking any step or making any decision, or feeling any fear, any doubt, any discomfort…. you can wait a long, LONG time.


As in: that’s NEVER gonna happen.


I’m not telling you anything new here.

You already know this.

You just sometimes wish it was different, it was easy, and you didn’t have to face something scary or uncomfortable.


But if you DON’T face it, if you DON’T do it, if you DON’T decide, you will end up EXACTY where you DON’T want to be:

With more of what you DON’T want.


You can wish for something different, something new.

You can pray for it, ask for it, dream about it, hope for it.


And when you do, life will answer.

It WILL bring you opportunities.

It WILL bring you answers.

It WILL open doors for you.


The only question is this:

Will you TAKE these opportunities and run with them?

Will you LISTEN to the answers and act upon them?

Will you WALK through that door that opened up for you?


It’s your life. Your business. Your call.


If you TRULY want something different, you have to DO something different.

Don’t let the fears & doubts that come up mislead and misguide you.

It’s their job to keep you where you are.

It’s normal for them to speak up and cloud your mind your thoughts your dreams.


Give your desire MORE power than your fears, and GO for it.

Whatever IT is.


How exciting is that?! How great can it get?!

You have NO idea until you say YES.

Until you take these opportunities, listen to these answers, walk through these doors.

So get excited and GO!


Deep down you always know it when something is right for you.

Listen to what you know deep down.

Listen, leap, go and enjoy the new things that can now unfold for you!


© Brigitte van Tuijl

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