Last week, I did a Facebook Live in one of the Facebook groups I’m in.

I prepared some great content, put my heart & soul in it, and gave it my ALL for 35 minutes.

After I finished, I felt the nudge to check the sound of the recording.

And what do you know….only 14 minutes were audible…

Due to some weird technical issue the rest of the video was either completely soundless or completely disturbed so you couldn’t hear anything besides an annoying crackling noise.


My very first response was a combination of anger, irritation and frustration, which exploded in a heartfelt and satisfyingly loud curse.

And then…

I felt fine.

I shrugged my shoulders, and thought:

Ah well. It must be good for something, or it wouldn’t have happened.


Huh? Where the fuck did that come from?

I had no idea.

But every little bit of irritation simply melted away, and I instantly felt relaxed and accepting of what happened.

Now I know that life always happens FOR you, and there’s a gift in every situation, and you can learn from everything, and blabla etcetera, but let’s be honest here people: the moment the shit hits the fan, these concepts often fly out the window faster than you can say ‘oh, crap.’

(Well, that’s what happens to me anyway. Maybe you never curse and your Zen-qualities are stable and ever-present no matter what happens.)

I always find my way back to accepting what is, but somehow, it happened faster now than it ever did before.


So I decided to use that inspired thought that instantly melted my anger and stress away more often.

And so I did.

I used it for all kinds of annoyances during the past week, ranging from my wifi acting up JUST when I wanted to watch a movie on Netflix to noticing my website was hacked today.

Which are things that normally majorly piss me off AND, especially when it comes to my website, stress me out, too.

Not this time.


I simply repeated my new mantra in myself, and I’ll be damned: it worked every single time.

I instantly relaxed. An idea for how to solve it or what to do next instantly came up. I took that action. And that was that.

So I’ll continue to use it if and when necessary.

And maybe it’ll work for you, too!


Give it a try and see what happens when you say it out loud when something does not go the way you had planned or wanted:

It must be good for something, or it wouldn’t have happened.

Who knows, it might save you a ton of annoyance and energy, too!


© Brigitte van Tuijl

P.S.: You can’t control what happens, but you CAN control how you respond to it. 

You can change your mind, your thoughts, your mindset and beliefs.

That inner work is super important to pay attention to, because ALL creation and manifestation, and EVERY result you get, is created on the INSIDE first.

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