“Through doing your exercises, I learned how one fear is keeping me from a bigger underlying fear. As long as I’m busy with the issue of not good enough, I don’t have to deal with being afraid of being really really powerful,” a woman wrote on my Facebook page recently.


And she’s NOT the only one.

It’s actually a very common fear women struggle with.


I believe most women are much more afraid of their true power and potential than they are of not being good enough.

Which isn’t surprising.

For centuries, powerful, wise women have been suppressed.

Women in general have been suppressed for centuries, period.

In VERY large parts of the world, that’s still the case today.

And in our western society, there’s plenty of room for improvement as well.


To this day, women receive messages that keep them playing small and push down their power:

Women are supposed to be nice, and act nice, and be caring, sensitive and sweet.

When you’re assertive you’re a bitch; when you’re strong you’re too much; when you have natural leading skills you’re too bossy; and women are constantly, relentlessly, judged on their looks and their weight and their hair and their clothes and their age.

In most movies and fairy tales the heroes are men and the victims who need to be saved are women.


As a result of these and countless other messages you get almost daily, plus centuries old suppression & conditioning, women have learned to fear and suppress their own power.

I see it in almost every woman I’ve ever met and worked with:

They’re scared to become visible. They’re afraid they’ll be criticized and not liked anymore when they speak their truth and step into their power.

They’re afraid to say no, they’re afraid to not fit in, they’re afraid that it’s not safe to share their deepest truth, and they’re afraid to stand up and stand out.


This directly impacts your business as well – and not in a good way.

Issues with self-worth & claiming your power show up as having trouble asking good prices, marketing your services, and making enough money.

And in doubting the value you offer and finding it hard to see yourself as good enough in your work – let alone as an expert.

Fear of being disliked or criticized makes it harder to make yourself visible, share your viewpoints & opinions – even when these are directly related to the content of your work.

This makes it harder to stand out and share your deepest true message.


It makes it harder to dream big and to GO for that dream, too – why bother if you don’t believe you can get it (or keep it)?

But hiding only works for so long.

It’s too frustrating, too painful, and takes up too much energy.

Especially NOW, when you look around, at the state of the world, and the urgency to share your truth and beliefs, your message and your work, is tugging at you harder than ever before.


Start letting go of your doubts & thoughts of not being good enough, not being smart enough, not being enough in general, period – it’s simply NOT true.

You have WAY more power than you give yourself credit for.

As a human. As a woman.

And as the spark of the divine, the beautiful soul that you are.


You are powerful.

You are worthy.

You are full of wisdom and strength and courage and love.


Don’t believe me?

Try messing with a woman’s child or loved one and you wake up a LION.

Where do you think that power comes from?

From a mysterious source outside of you?

Of course not!


This power comes from YOU.


It’s inside you right now, and it’s been there all along.


It’s time to let your power rise up and not shove it back down the moment it does.

It’s time to embrace it, acknowledge it, and claim your space in this world.

It’s time to claim your message, your wisdom, your true gift – and to live it and share it.

It’s time to dream your biggest dream and ALLOW IT TO MANIFEST.


It’s time.

Hiding out is no longer an option.

Trying to keep your powers and potential in check wears you out and makes you frustrated and unhappy.

And it serves NO ONE to do so.

You’re born for a reason.

And your time is now.



It’s time to wake up and Move Mountains, baby.

You can do it for sure!


© Brigitte van Tuijl

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