When you want more, most people automatically assume this means you have to DO more to get it.

Regardless of what it is you want more of: something material (like money or clients) or something immaterial (like freedom, love, or joy).


Maybe you also think that wanting more automatically means you have to:

  • Take more action;
  • Work harder;
  • Get more knowledge;
  • Form new habits, or
  • Read more books / follow more programs / learn yet another tool, technique, healing modality or marketing strategy.


But what you REALLY need, is to focus on LESS.


Focus on less action:

To stop taking actions you can delegate to others.

(Your bookkeeping, for example. Unless you LOVE doing that, you’re better off letting someone else do that for you.)

To stop taking actions that only serve as a distraction from the actions you know you actually SHOULD be taking instead.

To stop taking actions that aren’t aligned with your soul, your desires, your personality.


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Focus on UNlearning:

To let go of habits that don’t serve you anymore.

To let go of knowledge you no longer need.

(Get rid of books you’ll never read nor implement; notes you don’t need anymore; all these articles you saved because you thought you’d one day have time to read them…Out with it all!)

To let go of rules and ideas about business & marketing (and life, for that matter) that you don’t deeply resonate with.

(Maybe you did one day. Or maybe you think you SHOULD act upon those rules or ideas because they seem to work well for others. That doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t work for you and it doesn’t resonate with your soul: let go of it.)


Focus on letting go of everything that doesn’t deeply resonate with who you are TODAY:

Dump any (old) goals or desires that you no longer crave.

(You change. And your goals, wants, and needs change with that. What you wanted last year is not necessarily something you still want today.)

Stop delivering programs or services you’re not in love with anymore.

(Or tweak and change them until you do.)

Say ‘no’ to that project you don’t like. And that client you don’t want to work with.

Quit your job if you still had that on the side and already feel that it’s time to let go of it.


And, of course, what my shirt says:

The more you get rid of the fluff & the stuff you don’t need, you don’t want, you don’t LOVE, and you don’t deeply resonate with, the more of what you DO want can actually come to you.



“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease.

Hack away at the unessential.” 

Bruce Lee



So what can you hack away at?


Focusing on the essential truly leads to more.

To more joy, more fulfillment, more life.

And YES, to more impact, more money, and more clients, too.

Hack away, baby! 🙂


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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