I like simplicity. I love solitude, silence, and a simple, spacious life.

That’s what I always loved, ever since I was a kid.

And it’s what I still love. The simpler my life and business are, the happier I am.


Lately, I notice that the desire for simplicity is something more and more people long for.

I totally get that.

Not only because I love it myself, but also because the world keeps getting louder, and more and more input, noise and information is dumped on you EVERYWHERE.

And online, you’re BOMBARDED with hundreds of people who are all SHOUTING their Advice and Rules and Formulas at you everywhere you turn.


You’re supposed to always want MORE, to always want to GROW, and create a more complex business along the way: hire more staff, and upgrade your offices, and on and on and on and on.


And that’s fine, IF that’s what makes you happy.


But if it’s not?


Then it’s time to STOP.


To STOP listening to coaches and gurus who give advice & model ways of growing your business that doesn’t resonate with you completely.

To STOP doing things you don’t love in ways you don’t love with people you don’t love.


It’s time to SIMPLIFY.


By saying NO more often. Life is too short to spend it wasting your time on things, activities or people you don’t love.

By detoxifying your relationships, and stop hanging out (in real life or online) with people that drag you down and don’t inspire you.

By simplifying your offers, your business model, your marketing, and your schedule.

By simplifying your business plan (you don’t even NEED one UNLESS you’re someone who is motivated by a plan) and your goals (you don’t even NEED goals, unless you’re someone who is motivated by setting them.)


By simplifying EVERYTHING that feels overwhelming and complicated to YOU.


How you do that?

Step by step.


And the FIRST step is to get very, VERY clear on what it is YOU most desire in every area of your business and life.

Dream about it.


Fantasize about your most ideal business and life:

  • If everything is possible, and you don’t fear a thing: what does your business look like then? What does your life look like?
  • What do you do every day, every week?
  • Where do you live and who do you live with?
  • Who’s still in your life, and who would you say goodbye to?
  • What would you no longer do or tolerate? What would you say no to?


Which goals, dreams and desires would you let go of because you don’t really care about them anymore (and maybe never did…)?


And which goals, dreams and desires would you embrace?

What are 3 things you would change IMMEDIATELY if you knew you could not fail and you had the courage to DO it?


[clickToTweet tweet=”What are 3 things you would change IMMEDIATELY if you knew you could not fail and you had the courage to DO it?” quote=”What are 3 things you would change IMMEDIATELY if you knew you could not fail and you had the courage to DO it?” theme=”style3″]


That’s where you start.

By dreaming, fantasizing, and feeling your way to your most beautiful, most precious business and life.

And then you take one step towards that dream. And the next. And the next.


Whatever it looks like, I’m pretty sure your dreams are NOT about complicating your business and life.

I bet you desire more simplicity and space.

And you can HAVE that.

If you dream it up first, and then take (small) steps to make it real.

To simplicity!


© Brigitte van Tuijl

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