A breakthrough is always great to experience. Especially when you feel stuck or lost.

The good news is, that you don’t have to wait until it happens TO you.

You can consciously and deliberately create your next breakthrough.



The quickest way is this:

By examining what you MOST resist, and act upon it next.


My most profound breakthroughs have ALWAYS come from this.

I never liked it. I usually tried to look for ways around my resistance first.

But that NEVER worked.


So I reframed the way I look at resistance:

I stopped looking at it as a major useless pain in the ass to be avoided at all cost.

And now see it as my next pathway to growth, upleveling, transformation and breakthrough(s).


It doesn’t matter where you resistance comes from or what it signifies.

Sometimes resistance is a sign that it’s not the right time to take a certain action.

Sometimes it’s a sign that a certain action (or person) is not right for you at all.

And sometimes it’s is a sign to move forward and DO the thing you fear or resist most.


When you explore your resistance and are completely honest with yourself, you usually know exactly what it signifies.

And you know exactly what it is you need to do next.


Resistance is ALWAYS a sign that there’s something going on inside you that you need to look at.

It’s ALWAYS benevolent, and it ALWAYS has a profound truth and message for you.



What are you resisting right now?

Explore it. Dive into it. FEEL into it.

Ask yourself what you’re resisting exactly, and why.

Ask yourself what your next best step is.

And TAKE it.


It may be difficult and it may feel uncomfortable.

But it’s ALWAYS worth it.


“Most of us have two lives.


The life we live,


and the unlived life within us.


Between the two stands resistance.”



Steven Pressfield



Explore your resistance.

It’s the quickest (and shortest) way to your next breakthrough.

And to the unlived life within you.




© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Your inner work – including dealing with resistance – is your MOST important work.

So much more important than the outer actions you take.       

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