In 2003 I went to a lecture by Alberto Villoldo, a modern day shaman.

One thing he talked about was your contract with the universe:


“We shamans have a contract with the universe, “ he said.


“It works like this: the shaman calls. And the universe answers. Always.


But it’s not just shamans who have this kind of contract with the universe.  


EVERYONE has the same contract. YOU call, and the universe answers, too.



Unfortunately, most people forget to read the small print of this contract: it works the other way around as well:  


The universe calls….YOU answer. Always!”



I shared this story in a blog 4 years ago, and didn’t think about it very often after that.

Until now.

Because I’m pretty busy answering the universe’s calls the past couple of weeks.


Which reminds why it’s so easy to forget about that small print on your contract:

Because sometimes, it feels fucking uncomfortable to answer your call. To honor your calling.


That’s how I feel now.

I recently felt called to step into the next evolution of my work:

To combine ALL of my expertise on mindset, coaching, energy, and healing – yep, the most woo woo & witchy stuff I have in my toolbox – in an online business healing program.


Which makes me feel a bit queasy and uneasy sometimes.

Am I really ready? Can I really do this?

This program RISE  is something I’ve never done before.

There is NO other program out there that looks anywhere like this.


There is nothing I can compare it to in my own business or in anyone else’s.

I’m downloading & channeling its content, and I’m discovering skills and wisdom in myself I didn’t know I had access to.


On the one hand, it feels completely natural and not like something new at all: it’s more like something inside of me is waking up, something that has always been there.

(Which is similar to how I felt when I first met Arjen, my partner, almost 16 years ago. Even though we just met and I didn’t know him yet, a part of me felt like we’d already known each other for thousands of years.)


On the other hand, it feels uncomfortable:

This program is asking me to step into a whole new level of woo-woo and witchy wisdom.

It asks me to talk about and share things I didn’t really share with anyone besides some very close friends, a handful of 1-1 clients, and in very small groups.


And there’s no hiding out or shrinking back from this one.

I mean, fuck:

You can’t deliver program called RISE that’s all about supporting women entrepreneurs to rise up, and then NOT do that yourself, right?

And you can’t deliver a business healing program that’s all about healing & clearing inner blocks and then NOT deal with your own blocks that show up along the way, can you?

(Well, perhaps you can, but that’s not my style: I choose to practice what I preach.)


But underneath it all, I feel a deep layer of calm, a deep knowing, that I’m doing EXACTLY what I’m supposed to do: I’m BORN for this.

I’m CALLED to do this.

I know that.

I trust that.

And that’s why I’m doing it anyway, even though it feels uncomfortable sometimes.


Because I ALSO know this:


NOT answering my calling is simply not an option.

A life of living an illusion of safety and not honoring my deepest truth is simply not the life I choose to live.

No fucking way.



It may FEEL safe in the short run, but in the long run?

It only feels frustrating to KNOW there’s more that you want to, are called to, are BORN to do – and then not do it.


That’s not living.

And that’s not what life is about.


I’m not the only one who feels called to step into the next evolution of my work – of who I AM.


Chances are YOU feel it too.

Is something tugging at your heart right now?

Is there something that you’d love or feel called to do?

Is there a new project, a new dream, of maybe even a brand new business (direction) trying to get your attention?


That’s the universe calling YOU.

What will YOU answer?

It might feel safe to stay where you are, but it’s not: it’s truly only frustrating.

Because you’re BORN for it – whatever your ‘it’ is.


So say ‘yes’ and jump in.

Your soul never steers you wrong.

And the universe always has your back.

Jump. And enjoy the ride!


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© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Feel called to rise up, but not sure how to deal with the inner stuff that shows up?

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