You probably already set your goals for this year.

And hopefully you didn’t just set them with your rational mind, but you put your heart in them, too.

Which means that you:

  • Connected to what you REALLY want, and
  • Know WHY your goal matters so much to you.


(SIDENOTE: If your goal doesn’t make your heart sing, keep tweaking it until it does. Why settle for anything less than what you TRULY desire?)


Once you set your heart-felt and soul-filled goals, all you have to do next is take the necessary actions until you’ve manifested them.





There’s still an important inner step you have to take first:

You have to OPEN yourself up to actually RECEIVE what you want.


This is something most people forget or don’t even know about.

But if you’re not open to receive what you want, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT.


That’s like boarding up your physical mailbox, then order a book online, and after that keep wondering why the hell your book never lands on your doormat.

It literally CANNOT GET IN.


It works exactly the same on an energetic level.

You HAVE to be open to receive what you want, or you WILL NOT GET IT.


Most of us are NOT FULLY OPEN to receive what we want without resisting or blocking it.

We all put limitations on what we think is possible for our life and our business.

As a result, you also put limitations on what you expect or dare ask for, and on what you are open to receive.


So how DO you open yourself up to receive something different, new, and better than what you currently have?

Start with this:

By consciously saying it out loud, and noticing what you feel when you do.


Keep repeating it until you feel something shift inside:

Until you feel a shimmer of joy, anticipation, or excitement.

Until you feel lighter inside, or feel curious about these new experiences and results.


Not sure which words to use? 

This ‘Invocation For New Beginnings’ can help you with that:

Download this free PDF here. 

I created it for my brand new online business healing program RISE. 

Download or print it and read it (out loud or in silence) until you feel something shift inside.

You can use it as often and whenever you like.



© 2016 Brigitte van Tuijl




P.S.: RISE is my brand new online business healing program for women entrepreneurs. 

This one-of-a-kind monthly membership program helps you clear & heal your inner blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs.

Because ALL change and manifestation happen on the INSIDE first. 

When you’ve cleared your inner shit, you’re ready to take powerful action.  

And you’re free to create remarkable results & significant shifts in your business.

 The theme for January is TRULY opening up to a new year filled with new possibilities.

The PDF with the Invocation For New Beginnings is just a very small part of this month’s theme. 

Healing energy you can tap into during the entire month is also part of it. 

Plus a short masterclass & some powerful exercises and journaling prompts.

You can read all about the program & sign up for it here. 

Check it out if you feel called to rise & grow this year.

I’d love to support you & cheer you on!


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