In 2004 or 2005, I felt called to learn to work with (healing) energy.

So I did.

Even though it didn’t make any sense to me at all.

Giving 1-1 healing sessions is NOT my thing.

It’s wonderful work, just not for me.


But hey, when I KNOW I have to do something, I do it.

So I learned. Practiced. Kept learning and practicing.

I couldn’t see how it would ever fit into my business or work. 

But I kept following the nudges I got, wether it was to read a book or participate in a training.


And I kept making notes of all the intuitive information I received on working with energy.

(In this stunning journal – isn’t it beautiful?:



Over the years I shared a lot of what I’ve learned with my 1-1 clients.

But I never knew how to integrate it in working with groups.

Until now.


Everything I’ve learned about healing & energy now seamlessly blends in with my other skills and expertise.


And it all comes together in my brand new business healing program RISE.

In hindsight, ALL the nudges, guidance, intuitive information, books and trainings make PERFECT sense, and nicely add up to what I’m offering in this program.


But during those 11 or so years that process took, I didn’t know what the fuck it would lead to, and if it would ever fit into my work at all.

Now, I get it.

And I am grateful and happy I listened and followed my soul’s guidance.


ALWAYS trust your guidance.


It doesn’t always make sense.

It may take you in directions you don’t understand and sometimes resist.


But some day, it will suddenly make sense.

And you see how the process unfolded with brilliant perfection and timing – even though it seemed like a messy haphazard journey at the time.

I feel that a lot of you have similar experiences.


Your journey over the past couple of years may have taken you places you didn’t get either.

Keep going.

It WILL fall into place one day.

(Or maybe it already has.)

Keep following those nudges, baby 😉

This is what living from your soul, from the inside out, looks like.

This is what living a purpose-driven life and growing a purpose-driven business looks like.

Go for it!

You never know what it will bring you….


© Brigitte van Tuijl

P.S.: RISE is my online business healing program for women entrepreneurs.

It helps you clear & heal your inner blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs.

Because ALL change and manifestation happen on the INSIDE first.

And when you’ve cleared your inner shit, you’re ready to take powerful action. And create remarkable results & significant shifts in your business.

It starts in January. And you can read all about & sign up for it here.

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