Forget about reading this article if you feel you’re not hiding out or holding back on ANYTHING in ANY area of your business and life.

Kudos to you!

But honestly?


I don’t think that’s already true for you.

I’m not saying that to criticize you or to kick your butt out of hiding and into the spotlight.

On the contrary!


If ANYONE gets how attractive it sounds to stay IN your shell, it’s me:

I don’t like being visible.

I don’t like ‘getting out there’.

What I most want is to lead a simple, quiet life with tons of alone time and total privacy.

I truly am a hermit.




I do NOT want to hide out or shrink myself.

I do NOT want to feel like I live in a cage without space to spread my wings.

I choose to play, enjoy my life, and GO for my dreams and desires.

I choose to LIVE my life to its fullest, and to live up to my FULL potential.


And honestly?

I have NO idea what I’m capable of if I don’t place ANY restrictions on myself.

And I am CONVINCED that YOU have NO idea either.


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There are clues to what you’re capable of, though:

These clues are the recurring dreams you have.

The desires that don’t go away and keep coming back.

The things you want to contribute to, and want to see more of in your life.

And in this world.


You never know what’s possible if you come out of your shell.


Numerous fears and doubts try to keep you INSIDE it.


But what if ALL of those are lies?

What if it’s safer to come out of your shell than it is to stay in it?

What’s if it’s easier to take a leap than it is to stay where you are?

What if it’s more comfortable to grow & expand than it is to stay inside your comfort zone?


It’s time to get out of your shell.

To stop apologizing for who you are and what you want.

To stop doing things with the only intention to please others.

To stop avoiding things because you don’t want to ruffle any feathers.

To stop changing who you are so others won’t feel uncomfortable around you.


Screw that.

BE you.

DO you.

Come out of your shell.

And start living & doing business in full alignment with your dreams, desires, and the change you want to see in this world.

To freedom and full self-expression, baby!


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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