Can you feel how much is shifting in these final weeks of this year?

I notice it myself, and see it in my clients, too:


Old patterns and beliefs come up one more time to be healed or let go of.

Last week, I experienced a breakthrough on a deep rooted fear I’ve been working on for YEARS.

I’d already made A LOT of progress on it.


But at my core, it was still always there, waiting, taking up energy & space in my system.

And every time I took a leap or reached a new ceiling of any kind, it flared up again, and I had to work through it again to be able to move forward.


The fear never stopped me from growing. But it didn’t much help me either.

So how come it shifted profoundly and deeply NOW?

What’s different this time?

Besides the fact that I’d already done the most work on it, I feel it’s because I was TRULY ready to let go of it now.


Sometimes a small part of you can hang on to an issue or fear because it doesn’t feel ready or safe to let go of it yet.

But when you are ready, TRULY ready, deep and profound shifts can happen in the blink of an eye.

I’m curious to see how this shift will unfold.

It’s still fresh and sinking into my body.

But I KNOW it will have a massive and positive impact on every area of my life.

Because I KNOW how much it has negatively impacted me over the years.


We ALL have one or two of these core issues or fears that are deeply rooted in our system, that have a huge impact our business and life.

Some people are aware of it, others aren’t.

But I’ve NEVER met ANYONE who doesn’t have ANY core fears or wounds.

For some, it’s feeling safe in this world. (That was mine.)

For some, it has to do with worthiness; feeling like you’re good enough; self-love, or even taking up space in this world.

To name just a couple of very common core issues many women struggle with.


These core fears or wounds usually lead to dozens of other limiting thoughts, habits, patterns, and beliefs.

Which doesn’t have to stop you.

But at some point, it no longer serves you either.

It did for a while when you were growing up.

But you no longer need it today.



What is YOUR issue or fear that keeps coming back every time you grow or step into something new?


And what would change for you if this was no longer an issue?

Give it some thought over the past couple of weeks.

We’re nearing the new year, which is a perfect time to decide what to let go of, and what you choose to embrace next.

What are YOU ready to let go of?what-are-you-ready-to-let-go-of

And what are you ready to fully embrace instead?



In a couple of weeks, I have FREE gift for you that will help you let go this year, and welcome in the new – and that helps you create a plan or vision for your business for 2017.

So keep an eye out for that.


what-are-you-ready-to-embraceIn the mean time, just ponder on those questions I asked you above.

Let the answers come up from your heart, instead of from your head.

You never know what can change just by feeling into these questions…

Happy shifting!



© Brigitte van Tuijl


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