During a recent call with my dear friend Nancy Tierney from Firecracker Communications I talked about my book series ‘The Art Of Divine Selfishness – how to transform your life, your business and the world by putting yourself first.’ 

I talked about finding your purpose, and what that takes.


About how FINDING your soul purpose is COMPLETELY useless if you don’t also start to LIVE it. 

(Because really, ALL you have to do is to simply BE who you truly are, and build your entire business and life around your real self without compromising or changing who you are, and voila: you’re happy and fulfilled and making a living and a difference with your purpose.)


Women often have a hard time doing that.

ESPECIALLY women who are mission driven entrepreneurs.

They’re so used to being there for others, wanting to help and care for others both at home and in their business, and there you have it: the recipe to burn yourself up, to sell yourself short, and to work your ass off at your own expense.

That’s no way to live.


And it serves ab-so-lu-te-ly NO ONE if you work yourself to the bone and change who you are and compromise on what you want.


“I want to interview you on this,” Nancy said.

So we did.

And you can listen to by pressing the play button below:


[s3audio s3url=”brigitte-11-10.mp3″ /]


Listen to this interview to learn more about:

  • What your soul purpose is exactly;
  • Which questions to answer to find it;
  • What to do when you tried to find or connect to your purpose for some time, and you just can’t seem to find it;
  • And more tips, inspiration, a bit of preaching, a little rant, a laugh or two, and some solid advice.



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