Stop looking at what’s wrong in your life.

Stop thinking about everything you think you cannot do, be or have.

Stop wishing you were different, things were different, others were different.


Start looking at what’s right.

Start looking at everything you already are, do, and have.

Start embracing who you truly are, and accepting things and others you cannot change.


Open up.


Stop resisting what you KNOW you have to do.

Stop fighting what you fear.

Stop resisting the success, changes & results that show up.


Start doing what you deep down feel is yours to do today.

Start embracing fear, and take action in spite of it.

Start receiving all the good, joy, love, success and money or whatever it is you say you want more of in your life.


Open up.


Stop burying your dreams and desires.

Stop feeding your fears and doubts.

Stop measuring your worth by looking at your numbers or what others think, do or have.


Start honoring your deepest dreams.

Start stretching and enhancing your courage.

Start measuring yourself by who you choose to be, and act accordingly.


Open up.







“You are not built to shrink down to less but to blossom into more.”


Oprah Winfrey


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